Guvera reaches a user base of over 2 million in India

Guvera-LogoMumbai, India, January 29, 2015: Guvera, a leading global platform for music streaming announced today that it has acquired over 2 million users in India since its launch in November 2014. Guvera were the first international music streaming service to launch in India.

Commenting on the milestone, Claes Loberg, Founder and Director of Innovation for Guvera, said, “It is very encouraging to know that Guvera has been so well received in the Indian market. Not only has India seen the number of users grow considerably since the launch here two months ago, but it also now accounts for a sizeable share of our global user base.

The ad-funded service has also significantly increased the local, Bollywood and international content available on the Indian platform, with an additional 3 million tracks being added to the to its vast library. Loberg added that ‘’Guvera will continue to focus on its programmed globally, tuned locally approach, ensuring that we are delivering the most relevant and diverse international and local content and talent to our users.”

Guvera’s commitment to providing music via an ad-funded model is continuing to be seamlessly integrated with the user experience via the use of branded channels. Premium brands including Harley Rock Riders, Kotak Bank, Spykar, Nikon, Croma, Godrej, and Cinthol have launched brand channels on the Guvera India platform.

Loberg stated that “branded channels are a great example of how users are able to engage with brands in a less disruptive manor.  Guvera are putting the consumer in charge of the advertising experience. Moreover, advertisers know that they are paying for ads that consumers want. We believe that Guvera is a platform for advertisers and brands to connect with a significant database of users, made possible with the help of Guvera’s innovative content-targeting algorithm.”

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