GOQii Inc. launches the GOQii Life service on Amazon.in

Amazon.in-logoBangalore, India, October 07, 2014: GOQii Inc today announced the exclusive launch of GOQii Life on Amazon.in. The GOQii Life service is the world’s first offering that combines an advanced fitness tracker, a mobile app and a personal coaching service for fitness enthusiasts.

The GOQii ecosystem provides its users a holistic system by providing them a wearable fitness tracker along with personal coach, backed by world-class experts, and a way to embrace social philanthropy by converting “steps” into Karma Points, GOQii’s virtual currency to support the user’s social cause of choice. It also adds a social media angle by allowing users to interact with other GOQii users within the app through a social interface.

The mobile app inbuilt in the new GOQii Life is backed by some of the world’s renowned fitness experts and coaches like Kendra Markle, behavior experts from Stanford and Luke Countinho,  Leading nutritionist and ‘International Collaborator ‘with the University of Yale, Griffin – Prevention research center, CT, U.S.A thus enabling customers an easy access  to a personal trainers who  interact with customers one-on-one via the App, keep them motivated and on course to achieve their fitness goals. helps the person stay motivated and keep on course to get fit.

“At GOQii, we are passionate about providing our consumer all the support needed to stimulate their body, mind and soul and to achieve a permanent shift to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle,” said Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO of GOQii Inc. Amazon is not only a marketplace but a brand established over the proven record of consumer-empowering innovations, and its dedication to deliver consumer delight to its consumer is aligned with the experience we wish to provide our users.” 

“We are excited to be the partner of choice for GOQii Inc. and offer our customers the exclusive access to GOQii Life, a unique fitness device especially during the ongoing festival season. This partnership gives us the opportunity to forge deeper engagement with fitness enthusiasts across the country and aligns with our vision of offering customers in India the widest selection at low prices, fast and reliable delivery, trustworthy shopping experience and add excitement to their festival shopping” said Samir Kumar, Director Category Management, Amazon India.

GOQii had launched a beta test of the device earlier this year and received much international acclaim and fan following in a short span especially through various social media platforms.

At launch the GOQii plan includes the proprietary GOQii band, the GOQii Personal Coach service and the GOQii app. The app is available for both Android (+4.3 version) and IOS (6.0+). The GOQii pack is exclusively available on Amazon.in starting at Rs 3999/-

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