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Smart24x7-Mobile-ApplicationNew Delhi, India, May 5, 2014: With an eye on fortifying the public safety especially women and revolutionizing the safety mobile application market, Smart 24×7, the pioneer in safety mobile app domain, has upgraded the application stressing upon the latest developments that have taken place since the launch of Smart24x7 Mobile Application.

Since the day of launch, more than 70,000 people have already downloaded it and are using the same. Moreover, the app has become so popular that it has already been reviewed more than 1000 times and has added more than 80,000 supporters on Facebook which shows the wide acceptance and trust in the application.

Founder of Smart Group CP Singh said, “We are pleased to present & share the milestones we have achieved so far since the launch of Smart24x7 Mobile platform. With an eye on public safety, especially for the safety of women, Police services in joint initiative with Smart24x7 Response Services Pvt. Ltd launched Smart24x7 mobile safety application to provide a convenient and efficient mode of communication in an emergency. We would like to thank all of them who had had vision about this application and have helped us in getting it developed”.

Moving further, this facility has been successfully launched in Gurgaon, Jalandhar & Jammu and is being used by the Gurgaon police, Jalandhar Police & Jammu Police. Further, the app is about to be launched in Kashmir, Lucknow, Bangalore, Noida, Mehrauli too as the discussion is on with Hyderabad, Mumbai, Goa & Rajasthan.

In addition, the application is capable of helping two of the users in real time scenarios who live in different parts of country like Assam, Gujarat. Even though users are not connected in those regions for these services still it is capable of helping the user during any such emergency as the planning is on to go beyond further and integrate for PAN India Services.

Some of the examples of the effectiveness of the application are mentioned below which shows why the application has been so popular.


Every citizen today is concerned about his safety & security. With increase in crime & violence in our everyday lives, Smart 24×7 Response Services Pvt. Ltd designed the safety mobile Application in the name of “Smart24x7 – Personal Safety App”. The special feature about our safety App is that it helps victim to connect with his near & dear ones, Police/Fire/Ambulance services automatically whenever you find yourself in trouble or need to find help for someone around you. It is a prominent approach towards strengthening existing protection levels. As smart phones today is an integral part of life. Hence, they are capable of aiding safety & security at home, at office and during in transit globally.

We are sharing some real incidents with you where Smart24x7 Mobile Application has helped users in real time.

Alert received Date-1/29/2014
Alert received Time- 5:48:23 AM

Mr. ABC (name Changed), used Smart24x7 app to send alerts to Fire Departments when they encountered an unexpected emergency in their Shop. Mr. ABC (name changed), The user of Smart24x7 application lives in Assam, who had an emergency in the wee hours of morning at 5.30 am. He was in urgent need of fire services so as he had Smart24x7 Application installed in his mobile phone; he pressed “Panic Button” and got connected to 101 Fire stations. He was able to explain his situation & get the required services like Fire in the time of his need.

According to Mr. ABC, “Fire was caught in the cloth shop which resulted in the loss of property. And with the help of Smart24x7 App, we were able to receive immediate services with the fire trucks reaching in next 30 minutes. The best part that the relatives were informed on time with no loss of life. This is how our “Panic Button” got him closer to police and fire agencies and ultimately his shop and people present in the house were timely rescued.

Some of the key features of Smart 24×7 are as follows

  • Panic Alerts will be sent to the loved ones whenever user presses PANIC Button during emergency.
  • If GPRS is not working alert will be generated via SMS.
  • You can get instant help from nearest Police, Hospitals, Fire.
  • You can add your Health Information which can be utilized during any medical Emergencies.
  • Our Application does voice recording, photographs during the panic Situation & transfers to the police.
  • New features- ‘On the way to Office/Home’ to inform your loved ones about your status.

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