gateprotect presents its latest “Made in Germany” network security products for businesses and critical infrastructure at 2014

gateprotect-at-Infosecurity.nlHamburg, October 02, 2014: As part of the Rohde & Schwarz group the international operating manufacturer gateprotect presents its innovative achievements in network security technology for businesses and critical infrastructure. From October 29th to 30th the company will exhibit at the most recognised exhibition for ICT security in the Netherlands at stand A116 in hall 1.

For the first time the IT security specialist will show with its WebGUI a network to touch that offers an easy to use drag & drop-surface to administrate UTM firewalls. Further highlights are the release of the firewall version 9.5 with reverse-proxy function as well as version 5.2 of the Next Generation Firewall Network Protector.

With over a 100 seminars & case studies, 200 exhibitors and 8000 visitors, shows the latest developments in the field of IT security, data storage and IT management solutions. The reinvention of firewall administration managed with gateprotect’s WebGUI will be demonstrated at stand A116 in hall 1.

Protection of critical infrastructure

The power sector, i.e. producers and suppliers of electricity and gas, is currently experiencing a great change. Due to the development of renewable energies, the formerly very centralistic power network is transforming towards a rather decentralized form. Today, electricity is generated by a great number of smaller units that need to be controlled and administered just as precisely as the large power plants. Furthermore, the existing networks need to be connected safely to the public network. At the same time, communication via the Internet needs to be protected to maintain a reliable distribution and controlling of energy consumption.

Conventional firewalls are able only to a limited extent to assure the protection needed by process networks. Classic port filtering is too inaccurate and the additional filters available in UTM solutions are all based on a blacklisting concept.

This is where the next generation firewall gateprotect NP comes in: Via finely granulated application recognition, a whitelisting approach is realized, enabling filtering and validation even at a sub-application level by means of Deep Packet Inspection. This approach of so-called full positive validation reflects the needs of the power sector: All traffic to pass the firewall must be unequivocally identified and validated in the scope of this concept. Unknown data streams or even unknown components within known data are blocked reliably.

A network to touch

With its patented eGUI technology gateprotect successfully indicated that administrating larger corporate networks can be quite simple without lacking security and efficiency. This technology, which has already been successfully established in the market, provides operators with an overview and allows them to deploy IT security solutions that may be quickly administered and safely operated. With respect to the growing number of security functions and the complex defense mechanisms, this is a decisive advantage in the fight against threats from the Internet and the loss of data.

The firewall administration is immensely simplified thanks to the fully visual display of the company network in the eGUI. The unique usability approach renders complex IT security systems much more transparent and comprehensible to the administrator.

With just one click on an object administrators are able to view all firewall rules no matter if desktop PC, server or printer. With this technology gateprotect continues to follow its “easy-to-use” approach.

Release UTM-Firewall Version 9.5

With the release of software version 9.5 gateprotect shows at comprehensive reverse proxy functionalities for high performance UTM firewalls to set up dedicated filter rules or loadbalancing guidelines. The benefit of highest security standards that a reverse proxy offers allows external users only access to a reverse proxy – everything else can’t be accessed.

Access to internal resources can be granted to certain users without creating new vulnerabilities.

Highest Information Security with Next Generation Firewall Network Protector 5.2

With the Next Generation Firewall NP series gateprotect offers a new product line for larger corporations. The products of formerly Adyton Systems now gateprotect Leipzig GmbH ensure highest information security through an innovative technology based on complete protocol validation in combination with application whitelisting through a single-pass engine.

At gateprotect exhibits its innovative firewall version 5.2 with new features like forensic traffic capture and reporting based on rule management. The benefits for IT managers are customized reports with a clear overview on the network traffic composition as well as “firewall-success-metrics”. To block or to prioritize access to certain content operators can create certain firewall policy rules.

gateprotect exhibits in hall1, stand A116.

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