Gartner announces Asia Pacific Winners of its 2014 Business Process Management Excellence Awards

Gartner-Business-IntelligenceSydney, Australia, April 30, 2014: Gartner has announced the three Asia Pacific winners of its 2014 Business Process Management (BPM) Excellence Awards: Cunningham Lindsey Australia, State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA) and Fortescue Metals Group.

The awards recognise excellence in organizations that have used process techniques and technologies to significantly improve business performance and deliver business results.

Cunningham Lindsey fused its BPMS capabilities with strong business executive leadership to return contractor and supplier management to a profit centre in the organisation. This reduced claim life cycles from 85 to 45 days and improved efficiencies such as eliminating most paper usage, creating fewer tasks, and improving claims per month per employee from 35 to 55. It also provided needed B2B service level agreement visibility and control to both customers (insurers) and suppliers. With their new cost benchmarking data across suppliers, Cunningham Lindsey have created a competitive differentiator and won new business. This big change effort was organised into many smaller projects, which were gradually implemented.

Queensland’s newly minted State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA) was set up within three months, commencing operations in July 2013. It leverages cloud BPMS capabilities to orchestrate the property development application process across multiple other state agencies, and coordinates meetings for pre-lodgement information sharing while reducing approval timeframes. These new capabilities have saved business developers as much as A$70,000 on fees and capital holding costs, improved customer and internal process viability, and publish and improve KPIs. SARA has generated great quotable customer satisfaction, and has garnered business group awards while differentiating the state from others in property industry confidence ratings that have been improving over four straight quarters.

Fortescue Metals Group’s Information Services, Operations and Business Improvement teams worked with executives to develop a simple Short Interval Control (SIC) decision support capability to maximise the utilisation of its mining fleet. This resulted in significant OPEX savings and fleet CAPEX reductions. By using low cost mobility for supervisors that combines targeted real-time production data to a set plan, Fortescue Metal’s has generated 30 times the value for virtually no cost, enabling direct site level optimisation of up to 10 percent increased haul tonnage per truck on mining operations in the pit. Using AGILE methods enabled the integrated team to gain continual supervisor involvement to help refine the product, feed into the development cycle and provide for continual releases to the field.

The ability of all involved to not ‘boil the ocean’ when it came to solutions was a key criterion for the success of the project. Given the need to deliver to a varied group of stakeholders and a difficult work environment, the ability of the team to remain flexible and agile allows real, usable and measurable improvements where it matters most.

The three winners will present case studies at the Gartner Business Process Management Summit, to be held in Sydney 19-20 May 2014, where they will share the impact of their initiatives on improved business results. During the Summit, delegates will have the opportunity to discuss these initiatives with the winners during the Ask the Practitioner roundtable sessions.

Other finalists who received honourable mentions include ANZ Bank and Crawford & Company.
The identification of a Gartner Award winner or finalist is not an endorsement by Gartner of any vendor, product or service.

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