Frost & Sullivan Announce Huawei SDM Leader

The recent service data management (SDM) market survey published by Frost & Sullivan ranks Huawei top in the 2015 SDM market, with a share of 30%. By the end of 2015, the Huawei SDM solution has served over 310 operators in more than 136 countries.

In their white paper, the world-renowned consulting firm analyzed the SDM solutions provided by different vendors in terms of their hardware products, software products, services, and overall features. The vendor ranking was concluded by comparing these solutions. The white paper reports that the advantage of Huawei SDM solution lies in how it helps operators improve operation efficiency, accelerate service innovation, and explore the potential value of subscriber data. These operators can in turn manage the growing subscriber data, simplify the network, and reduce operation costs.

Global Growth of the SDM Market

Driven by the VoLTE service boom, operators across the world hope to manage their subscriber data using SDM in complex networks. By helping operators avoid data silos while improving user  experience through use of subscriber data, the SDM solution has enormous business potential in the big data era. This solution is growing rapidly, with an annual market growth rate of 9.24% from 2010 to 2014.

The market witnesses development of mobile ads, network openness and monetization, and M2M services, which is accompanied by operator demand for cost-effective operations. The white paper further predicts that this development will promote continued growth of the SDM market in the next several years.

In 2019, the market is expected to be worth over US$2.4 billion in revenue with a rise in compound annual growth rate to 11.46% in the five years leading up to then. 


SDM Market Development Trends

The survey shows that high reliability, simple and unified management, and data mining and exposure will become the main drivers of the SDM market.

High reliability: Facing pressure from the increasing traffic volume with network evolution, operators want to maintain stability of the SDM solution.

Simple and unified management: Operators want to manage data easily and uniformly so as to maintain service consistency in the different network environments in coexistence.

Data mining and exposure: Subscriber data is an operator’s asset that can generate profits. Data mining and exposure help operators improve user experience while providing innovative services. News Service

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