Frameboxx and Adobe ties up to strengthen the Creative Skills Training Industry

New Delhi, India, June 26, 2014: Adobe and Frameboxx, a high end media and entertainment training company offering courses on animation and visual effects, today announced a collaboration to serve the need of the fast growing creative sector. As part of this agreement, Frameboxx will offer students a comprehensive diploma program called ‘X1’ that will provide specialized training in graphic design, web technologies and digital media using Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe Creative Cloud is a subscription-based service that includes more than 30 tools and services that enable content creation and delivery across print, web, mobile and video platforms.

Students who enroll for X1 will be provided with a membership to Adobe Creative Cloud to ensure they are trained on the latest creative tools being used in the industry. Frameboxx is the first institute in India to provide this offering to its students. All 29 Frameboxx centers are already using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Frameboxx-and-Adobe-Creative-Skills-Training-IndustryX1 is an intensive two year programme.  In the first year, students will build a strong foundation in graphic design, web and digital media using tools within Creative Cloud, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. In the second year, students will be provided with an option to specialize in either web technologies or graphic design and print.

Students who opt for a specialization in graphic design and print will learn broad aspects like inception and history of graphic design to specific topics like traditional arts, sketching, digital photography, brand and identity development, typography, advertising and instructional design.

Students who opt for a specialization on web technologies will train on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for front end web application development. X1 will also offer an optional super specialization track on Adobe’s Phonegap framework to write mobile applications.

Students will also get an opportunity to sit for the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification examination at the completion of the X1 program.

CEO and Executive Director of Frameboxx Naveen Gupta said, “X1 empowers students with creative and technical skills to fuel the growing demand from the web technologies and graphics industry for skilled, workplace-ready employees. Such a course would be incomplete without Adobe’s industry standard tools and technologies that have been and will always be the backbone in production. X1 aims to create an employable and skilled workforce, and our association with Adobe is key to delivering that vision. We’re particularly excited to offer our students access to Adobe’s industry-leading Creative Cloud as well as an opportunity to become an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA).”  

Kulmeet Bawa, Head Enterprise Sales, Adobe South Asia said, “Our association with Frameboxx is helping the rapidly evolving animation and visual effects industry. This collaboration highlights Adobe’s commitment to bring industry-leading technologies to students, and to empower them with the best skills for a challenging and competitive professional world ahead of them.”

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