Feel Alive With Smart Automation Experience Centre

Smart-Automation-Experience-CentreConsidering a situation where you are out of the town for your business trip. You are preparing for your important meetings ahead and working out all the details but suddenly a thought crosses your mind whether you have switched off the AC ,lights back home or not. You are thinking and assuring yourself that you have but you are not sure about it. Now, gradually, your worries have started increasing and you feel like calling security at home but you are not getting through. You agonise and wish that you had a technology which can help you to keep complete scrutiny at your place.

Now, this agony can be a thing of the past as with just the touch of a button on your smart phone, you can control any device in your home from TV to lights, door locks or other items from anywhere in the world. This amazing smart facility can now be experienced at Smart Automation Experience centre, Mohali.

Talking about experience centre, Smart Automation Experience centre intend to make people’s life easier and simpler in this complex world by implementing smart solutions. It brings new experience for the people and generates more business as for the first time that Lighting, Audio-video, AC, Security automation has been demonstrated as a complete solution. Moreover, they have come up with unique facility which helps people what they can do in their home to make life simpler.

At Smart’s Home Automation Experience Centre Mohali, you experience the best of home automation solutions by brands like Schneider & Control4. The Lighting Controls, Curtain Control, HVAC Control, Surveillance Systems, Sensors and Motion Detectors, Audio-Visual Control explicitly demonstrate how home automation is crucial for comfort and complete peace of mind.

Talking about some of the features like Intelligent Light Controls which has the technology enabling the door sensors leading to trigger welcome scene as soon as you enter the room and they go off once you exit. Moreover, to match the mood, one can create various modes or scenes by exploring mood lighting whereas appeasing Curtain controls automate the curtain control modes as per the environment like you can set the curtains to drape down if it’s raining or if it’s evening.

The most intriguing feature is the audio video control where one can control everything from the projector to Screen, Blu-ray to amplifier to speaker with a single touch on the I pad or Smartphone. Moreover, one can set various modes, like Movie watching mode wherein Multimedia automatically turns on, curtains drape down and lights are dimmed creating an ambience of a home theatre via either one single remote control or your I pad..

While, with HVAC controls, one can trigger the trigger the AC controls from anywhere anytime; Motion based sensors helps in setting the lights and exhaust fan to turn on when you enter and turn off on your exit.

Another important feature is Security & Surveillance where one can deploy the best home security systems with security devices like Glass break sensors, shock sensors, intrusion detectors, digital door locks, and access control system. In this feature, CCTV cameras and DVRs are installed so that you are virtually never away from your home and can sneak peek into any and every area anytime you want.

Loaded with ample features, Smart Automation Experience Centre Mohali makes for an ideal visit for individuals planning for Home Automation in their new or existing homes in the area of Chandigarh, Mohali or Punjab. This Demo Centre is a must visit for Architects, interior designers, builders and real estate developers in Punjab region who have a vision for the myriad benefits of Home Automation to incorporate in their field of expertise to create Luxurious Smart Homes in Punjab.

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