Europe’s largest ever survey of business leaders ranks TCS #1 on both performance and customer satisfaction

TCS-logoNew Delhi, India, January 29, 2015: Tata Consultancy Services, a leading IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, has been ranked number one for both customer satisfaction and performance in a European-wide survey of service providers conducted by Whitelane Research. In the largest such initiative ever undertaken,  the survey polled 1470 ‘C-Level” officers (CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, COOs, CTOs etc.) from top IT spending organizations in Europe, controlling over 4,200 IT contracts across 13 countries. The survey evaluated performance and levels of satisfaction with 23 leading IT services companies operating in the continent.

TCS emerged as the clear leader in the survey, with the highest general satisfaction level in the industry (80%), ranking #1 in terms of satisfaction across nine countries in Europe including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Nordic region (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland), as well attaining a top three spot in Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The company was also rated #1 in both Applications Services and Infrastructure Services (comprising Data Centers and End-user services).  In terms of the performance report, the company dominated the results with the highest scores in an overwhelming 7 out of 9 Key performance Indicators (KPIs): Service delivery quality, reporting quality, pricing, proactivity, escalation effectiveness, account management quality and creation of business value.

Satisfaction rates in the IT industry overall are on an increase with a 2% general increase in 2014. Notably non-financial drivers are gaining importance over financial drivers in decision making, indicating a maturing market with high level of trusts in service providers, with TCS leading the field. Europe’s business leaders stated that their sourcing decisions are now more led by a focus on core business (56% of respondents ) while the ability of a partner to support business transformation was the fastest growing factor (34% of respondents, up from just 25% in 2013).

Jef Loos, Head of Sourcing Research at Whitelane Research, said, “This is the most exhaustive survey of the market that we have ever conducted and it continues to show a very strong result for the entire IT industry, with TCS at the helm. The clients of the company in particular rated it very highly on proactivity and on its ability to deliver real value to their business. Remarkably, despite its high growth rates, TCS has managed to retain the topmost position in satisfaction for both its large (above €10 million) and small accounts (below €10 million) a strong indicator of its consistent account management quality.” 

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