dJAX launches its Mobile Ad Server

dJAX-Mobile-Ad-ServerBangalore, India, March 16, 2014: dJAX Mobile Ad Server is an ad serving solution that accomplishes buying and selling of digital ad inventory specifically for Mobile Publishers and Advertisers. It supports all types of Ad Formats and deliver these on both mobile Web pages and Applications (in iOS and Android devices).

dJAX Mobile Ad Server takes care of Targeting – to reach the right mobile audience, Tracking – to track the high performing ad campaigns for advertisers and impression Reporting – to help generate bigger revenues. It delivers ads in IAB standard ad sizes and adaptive to all types of mobile screen sizes.


1. Targeting – Mobile device targeting and TelCo targeting
Targets potential customers by mobile phones such as iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Android phones, Windows phones etc and further categorizes based on mobile screen size, operating system, manufacturer and model name.

Also targets by Telecom service provider which helps advertisers to reach customers based on telecom verticals which increases the chances of higher revenues.

2. Mobile App SDK – Ads in Apps
Delivers ads in mobile applications. Built with unique features like Cross App Unique User Detection, Auto Ad Refresh etc.

3. Tablet Banner Support – Delivers Ads in Tabs
Delivers Ads in Tablets. Integrated with features for ad delivery as in mobile devices and mobile applications.

4. Ad Fomats – All types of mobile Ad Formats
Supports all types of ad formats such as Full Page Flex Ads, Adhesion Banner Ads, Mobile Pull Ads, Filmstrip Banner Ads, Text Banner Ads, Tablet Banner Ads etc.

5. Multi lingual And Multi Currency – Any Language, Any Currency
Supports many languages and currencies that the user can choose and customize the application to his needs, making it a completely user-friendly environment.

6. Accurate Mobile Detection Library – Right set of Mobile Devices
Helps to reach the right mobile devices which in turn will take the advertisers to right set of customers which helps in higher revenue generation.

Thus, integrated with core targeting and capababilities, dJAX Mobile Ad Server delivers different types of ads to the right customers at the right place in mobile web pages and mobile applications and the quality of the product ensures maximum revenue generation to the mobile Publishers and Advertisers.

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