Dell India announces the second edition of India’s Best CIO’s

Dell-India-logoBangalore, India, March 2, 2015: Dell, the world’s fastest-growing large integrated IT Company, and CIO Association of India (CAI) today launched the second edition of its community-driven CIO Award Series titled  ‘India’s Best CIOs’. The awards are aimed at felicitating the country’s top 50 CIOs in the country for their leadership in visionary adoption of new technologies and exemplary skill in management of IT resources. The selection process is based on peer-to-peer nominations, which makes this award process democratic and unique.

Building on the success of the first edition of India’s Best CIOs, Dell and CAI have further enhanced the program. For this edition, a dedicated online Community platform for India’s Best CIOs: has been introduced and is aimed at simplifying the voting process. Also, a new criteria of awards titled ‘India’s most Eminent CIO’ for the CIO with the higher number of votes from voters across the Enterprise IT industry has been introduced.

“Being a nominee and finally the winner at India’s Best CIO was a humbling experience. It was a great honour to receive the award in presence of India’s Who’s Who in IT industry and a moment that I will cherish all through my life. It will be exciting to see the verdict of this edition of the awards,” said Mr. Vijay Sethi, Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

Alok Ohrie, President and Managing Director, Dell India:India’s best CIOs award is all about recognizing those CIOs who have used technology to unleash their business potential. We believed CIOs should decide who among their peers was the best. We are proud to have given the industry the first-of-its kind peer-to-peer voting based award which makes the entire process democratic. We were encouraged by the enthusiastic participation by the CIO community in the last edition of the awards and look forward to the same this year.”

Tapan ‘Ananta’ Garg, Founder and CEO, CIO Association of India,One of our chief objectives as a community is to share with one another some of the best practices in the Enterprise IT that can help CIOs grow professionally and help their organisations grow with them. These awards not only serve as felicitation to the winners, but also help others in the community to adopt efficient IT practices within their organisations. We are happy to be associated with Dell in such a venture, which has as a company strived to understand CIO needs in all aspects Enterprise IT.”

This contest results will be based on a two-step award selection process. The first involves a peer based nomination via online voting for the top 50 Best CIOs. The second step will be a Jury Based Assessment and Validation based on IT case studies submitted, specifically to decide the top 3 among the top 10 peer ranked CIOs of the country. The candidates at this stage will be judged on the criteria of: business impact, innovation and operational excellence, all carrying equal weightage. The online voting process for the awards will begin on February 10. Every voter will receive a gift as a token of appreciation for their participation in this nationwide CIO community initiative.

The first edition of the award which concluded in January ’14 saw immense success with the participation of over 300 CIOs from across the country. Vijay Sethi, Vice President and CIO, Hero MotoCorp Ltd., was awarded as India’s Best CIO for FY 2013 – 2014.

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