CriBol rolls out CriBol’s voice mobile app for android phones

CriBol’s-voice-mobile-appBangalore, India, April 15, 2014: The most anticipated cricket extravaganza is about to begin as the Indian Premier League (IPL) will commence shortly. This season, as the cricket action reaches fever pitch, the cricket faithful are in for a treat.

CriBol has come out with its new technology that talks and enables cricket fans to listen to cricket scores from their mobile phones without touching anything. CriBol’s Android app has a voice feature for cricket fans who are too busy to glance at their phone. It vocalizes and tells them the score. So as the cricket mania goes into overdrive with IPL, fans can stay updated even when their hands are busy working, driving, cooking or when they are just too lazy to lift a finger.

In addition, the app intelligently informs cricket fans about important events and turning points of the match in real time so they don’t miss a single second of the action. Fans that are away from their TV sets will get live notifications for key moments such as when a batsman reaches a half-century or a bowler takes a wicket.

Sharing turning points of the match with WhatsApp contacts or Facebook friends requires only one click. It is probably the easiest way to share your favorite cricket moments with your friends or groups.

With its easy to use, clean interface with no advertisements, CriBol’s Android app is expected to be on the top of every fan’s wish list. Download CriBol app from Google Play Store and bask in your IPL team’s glorious moments with friends.

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