Can live streams help you become a successful eSport bettor?

One of the things that are really popular in the last couple of years is live streaming. Apart from being a betting feature on some of the biggest gambling websites, there are numerous companies that provide live streaming services for various things, such as sports, gaming, politics, and more.

If you like punting on sports, you’ve definitely tried eSports because this is one of the hottest sections inside the sportsbook. There are many guides out there showing you how to bet properly, so we won’t go into any of them. Instead, we will try to see whether watching live streams can help us become a successful eSport bettor.

How can the live stream help us?

Before you start watching any live streams, you need to have at least a basic understanding of eSports. Make sure you learn about the games, the competitions, some of the players, and other important things.

Once you’re ready, try to look for a big website that has eSports live streamings. There are a few big names in this business, but it’s safe to say that Twitch takes the crown because it is the most influential live streaming website when it comes down to gaming.

Once you start watching a given eSport, you have to pay attention to many things. If you haven’t played or watched any games before, just try to learn how it works. However, if you have been involved in eSports before, you need to look for smaller details to help you when it’s time to place your bet. 

For example, if you like Dota 2 and want to bet on The International (the biggest tournament in eSports), you should try to watch the last couple of tournaments that take place before TI. This will help you get a first-hand experience of the current form of teams and players. Additionally, you will also learn more about the mega, the top picks/bans, whether a given team prioritizes a specific hero, and so on.

What do we do after we learn those things?

After you’ve watched a few eSports events, it’s time to choose a gambling website and put your skills to the test. Many operators have good eSports sections, so you just have to look around. 

If you want to bet on your smartphone, you should read how to download the bet365 mobile app because it will give you access to one of the biggest eSports sections that are currently available.

Now that you’ve chosen a specific gambling website, take a look at the different markets and the odds. Most of the big online bookies provide good odds for eSports, but only a handful of them have enough markets.

If you are confident in your skills, you could try to place live bets because you will have access to a few additional betting options. However, most eSports are pretty hard to predict, which is why you really need to understand how a given game works prior to betting. 

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