BMC Software’s in-house R&D team in India won the 2014 Center Transformation Award

CEO-of-BMC-Software-India-Tarun-SharmaPune, India, August 04, 2014: BMC Software today announced that its in-house R&D team in India won the 2014 Center Transformation Award, presented last week at the Zinnov Confluence event attended by 2,000 top R&D leaders in Bangalore, India. This industry-wide award recognizes in-house R&D centers that have rapidly evolved from cost center to value center to being customer centric. The winner is selected by an elite panel of executives from peer software companies.

BMC Software India just like many other Global In-house Captive (GIC) centers started as a cost arbitrage proposition 13 years ago. BMC Software India deliberately and methodically moved higher in terms of it’s contribution to HQ. Benchmarking four distinct phases of the transformation journey, BMC Software India increased the value proposition; increased product ownership; enhanced innovation initiatives and moved to achieve customer-centricity in each of the phases respectively. Along the journey it won many accolades such as Best Place to Innovate award, Best Facilities awards and High Impact Global Role model award.

Innovating for advanced technology management for Businesses and Markets, the model has simplified the global workflow into the following pillars:

  • Revenue and Market Influence
  • Innovation & Thought Leadership
  • The Place to Work
  • Strategy & Operational Efficiency 

Tarun Sharma, CEO, BMC Software India said, “It fills us with immense pleasure and pride to win such a coveted industry award. BMC India has proved beyond doubt that it is a strategic differentiator for BMC. Our vibrant talent pool and strong leadership deserve all the credit for leading our transformation.”

 “Incubation Team that took roots in India was behind successful launch of three new products and now has team members in Ukraine and US. Incubation team follows “fail early fail often” model and has accelerated rate of innovation for BMC globally. To do so from India center is quite unique and groundbreaking” said Suhas Kelkar, BMC’s chief technology officer for APAC region.

“The passion, vision and capabilities of the India leadership team stands testimony to the culture of bottoms-up innovation and customer centricity fostered at the India center. We are always pushing the envelope on what we can contribute from India”, said Shashank Bhushan, who heads human resources for APAC region.

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