BigTrack TrackBall Switch Adapted launched by BarrierBreak

BigTrack-TrackBall-Switch-AdaptedNew Delhi, India, March 6, 2014: This is a unique alternative to the regular mouse for people with limited fine motor skills due to tremors, cerebral palsy, arthritis or any other mobility or learning impairment. A simple touch from the person’s finger, hands, or even a foot on the huge yellow ball helps him to cruise around the computer screen easily. The BigTrack is a unique trackball mouse that has two blue mouse buttons and a big yellow coloured ball that is located at the centre of the device. It comes with a smart ergonomic design that can be easily set up and does not require any maintenance.

The blue buttons located behind the trackball acts as the left and right clicks. Two standard 3.5mm mono jack plug switch sockets allow the connection of external switching devices like the Jelly Bean Switch or any other switches. Sturdy, durable and the eye-catching design of the BigTrack motivates children with learning and mobility difficulties to get a grip with basic computer functions, especially their mouse skills.


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