Ather Energy’s scooter to debut at SURGE Conference in Bangalore

Bangalore, India, February 3, 2016: Automobiles of tomorrow will operate at the intersection of connectivity, data and intelligence. Big data will add a new dimension to the evolution of performance and safety aspects. But the next big leap in automobiles would be driven by the vehicle’s ability to connect to the larger eco-system as well as leveraging data for vehicle level optimisation and delivering a personalised & intuitive ride experience. Ather Energy is all set to enter this phase of automobile evolution with the launch of its smart scooter the S340.

The scooter is the maiden venture of Ather Energy, a Bangalore based technology start-up by IIT graduates Tarun Mehta & Swapnil Jain. It will debut at SURGE on Feb 23.

“Our focus on connectivity and data analytics enables us to offer a unique ride experience. Access to system level data open the possibilities of understanding ride behaviour on a continuous basis and update vehicle parameters based on it. To start with the S340 comes with a touchscreen dashboard that provides on-board navigation, the ability to create personalised profiles with preferred vehicle settings, ride modes and a host of features” said Tarun Mehta, CEO and co-founder of Ather Energy. With electric set to be future of automobiles, Ather has built a high speed electric scooter – with a powerful Li-ion battery pack and sub-one hour charging.

SURGE is Web Summit’s first conference in India. Web Summit is one of the biggest and most popular technology summits globally that is known to be a great platform for start-ups and investors. Over the last few years, Web Summit has seen the participation of technology players ranging from Fortune 500 companies like Apple and Google to the most exciting start-ups including Airbnb and Uber.

“We are very thrilled to be part of SURGE as it is one of the most influential technology summits in the world. We believe that this is the ideal platform to launch a data driven product which is envisioned to be part of a larger connected ecosystem. The launch will bring to fruition the exciting journey that we started two years ago “said Tarun Mehta,

Tarun is also a speaker at SURGE and will share his perspective on “Why vehicles of the future will be electric and connected”, a belief that has led to the creation of the S340.

In an ecosystem dominated by software players, Ather Energy is among the few hardware start-ups in India. Their first product, the S340 is completely designed in-house and will commence commercial production in Bengaluru later this year.

The company received funding from Tiger Global, Flipkart founders Sachin & Binny Bansal. News Service

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