ASC unveils New Mobile Phone Recording Solution Integrated with Tango Networks

ASC-LogoHoesbach, Germany, October 9, 2014: ASC, a leading global provider of innovative solutions to record, analyze and evaluate multimedia-based communications, today announced the completion of testing and certification between ASC’s solutions and Tango Networks network-based enforceable Mobile Call Recording product.

This integration enables mobile call recording to work seamlessly and completely independently of the mobile operating system thereby supporting any mobile device including but not limited to Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms. It also complies with evolving regulations for financial institutions and ensures PCI-DSS compliant data security when the preservation of recordings is required.

Frank Schaffrath, CEO of ASC, said, “As employees have increasingly adopted mobile devices to enhance productivity, ASC has embraced this trend and now has a recording platform that has been fully certified with Tango Networks.

Marco Mueller, COO of ASC, additionally noted, that ASC’s mobile phone recording platform can be deployed in both on-premises and Cloud (multi-tenant) configurations with replication to premise-based ASC recorders for long-term storage. The platform provides real-time recording at any time and any place and various failover methods ensure fail-safe operation.

“The certified integration between ASC and Tango Networks’ solutions brings significant value to both enterprises and mobile service providers”, said Al Leo, Senior Vice President Sales at Tango Networks. “It is a major advancement for the Financial Services Industry as well as for other verticals that require or desire fully enforceable mobile call recording.

With more than 50 years in the communications industry, ASC continues to develop new enabling technologies to ensure compliance with financial regulations and achieve competitive advantage over other vendors. It typically invests 20 percent of annual revenues into research and development.

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