Are Nvidia Teaming up with Microsoft?

According to reports, Nvidia could be teaming up with Microsoft. GeForce NOW could be coming to the Xbox Game Pass, which would indicate that Microsoft is taking their partnership with Nvidia one step further. Last year, Microsoft said that they were going to be working with Nvidia to try and see their PC games become available on the GeForce NOW cloud service. Interestingly, they are a direct competitor for subscribers of Game Pass, but when you break it down, it’s not hard to see the real reason why this partnership happened. It was a means to try and get Microsoft’s acquisition of Blizzard moving forward.

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Cloud Gaming is Dominating the Market

Right now, it seems that cloud gaming is dominating the market. Signs of this trend started to appear several years ago. Online games, including online slots, started to soar in popularity, as hard-copy games declined. Part of this comes down to the sheer variety of games you can access when gaming online. Using the slot example, it’s not uncommon to see a single provider offer hundreds of options, that range from fishing games like Big Bass Splash and Ice Lobster to historical titles, such as Zeus Smash. Physical game releases just can’t keep up, and when you look at the fact that you can play most cloud games instantly, it’s not hard to see why they have taken the market by storm.

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Is GeForce Now the Best Service for Visual Fidelity?

Many gamers see GeForce NOW as the best cloud service for visual fidelity and latency. The platform gives you the chance to play several games on a GeForce RTX rig. Whatever the partnership turns out to be, there is likely going to be an announcement in the coming weeks. From what can be seen so far, it seems that subscribers are going to have the option of playing a range of games using GeForce NOW rather than playing through the Xbox Cloud Service. If you want to know the difference, then GeForce NOW gives you the chance to game at 4K with 240FPS. Xbox on the other hand is capped at 1080p and 60FPS. Even then, this is only when running very specific titles.

It’s not fully clear what is going to happen here, or how users are going to be changed over to the new platform. If Xbox wants to take care of their users, then it may be as simple as linking the app to the system. This could be done in a similar way to Ubisoft and the way that it links to Xbox games. Either way, when you look at the fact that Nvidia is miles ahead when it comes to superior technology, it’s not hard to see why this move is seen as favorable by fans. People can’t wait for the impending announcement, and it could even lead to several developments in the future. This is great news for gamers, as it may mean better graphics, faster loading times and more immersive playing experiences are on the horizon.

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