Analog Devices India to host a Webcast on Integrated approach to SPI using Digital Isolator Technology on December 11th 2014

Analog-Devices-logoNew Delhi, India, December 09, 2014: Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, is conducting a webcast on “Integrated approach to SPI using Digital Isolator Technology”. This webcast is ideal for Design Engineers and Managers in the fields of Automotive/Transportation, Aerospace/Defense, Alternative Energy, Industrial/Robotics/Motor Control, Instrumentation, Medical and Security Systems.

SPI is the bus used for isolated IC to IC communications. Use of unidirectional lines makes it easy to isolate. But since there is no support for interrupts, and in band addressing for target devices, extra isolated channels usually surround it. The clocking scheme also links the bus speed to the propagation delay of the isolation. This webcast will help design engineers and managers overcome the challenges through the integrated SPI digital isolator solutions that address the above mentioned shortcomings. 

Webcast details:

The webcast will be conducted on December 11, 2014 at 03:30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST). Please register using the online registration link.

Register for Webcast  on “Integrated approach to SPI using Digital Isolator Technology”  at

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