Amdocs latest portfolio release – CES 9.2

Amdocs-logoNew Delhi, India, November 20, 2014: Amdocs, the leading provider of customer experience solutions, has announced Amdocs CES 9.2, the company’s latest portfolio release. Spanning business support systems (BSS), operational support systems (OSS), and network control and optimization, Amdocs CES 9.2 enables service providers to succeed in the hyper-connected world by leveraging their network assets and relationship with their customers.

“The hyper-connected world, a world in which the industry is forecasting to have 50-80 billion connected devices and a major increase to the world’s internet population by 2020, poses a great opportunity for service providers. By owning the network assets and the relationship with the customer, service providers are well positioned to influence and reap the rewards in this new era. But to do so will require them to embrace new challenges; adapting to a new modes of business, rethinking the customer experience, harnessing pervasive big data, and evolving their networks, said Karl Whitelock, director Global Operations & Monetization Strategy, Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan. “Amdocs CES 9.2 will enable service providers to maintain their competitive edge by placing the customer at the center of their business, delivering new services with greater velocity, and making every customer interaction count.”

New CES 9.2 highlights include:

  • Accelerated time to market and increased agility to support new modes of business – significantly reduce service design and implementation times by eliminating the operational barriers between business and IT, allowing for new, market-driven modes of business. Amdocs Master Enterprise Catalog centralizes product and service data from Amdocs and third-parties, provides a self-service portal for business planners, product modeling guidelines and proven best practices for product and service configurations to assist service providers to support shortening product lifecycles.
  • Rethinking the customer experience across all channels – delivering the next generation in customer management by providing a consistent user experience across all applications and channels to respond dynamically to the speed of business. Amdocs Omni-Channel Experience solutionutilizes modular building blocks that can be developed once and deployed across any assisted or unassisted channels, enabling up to 60 percent1 re-use of software code across all applications, speeding deployment, reducing costs, and improving the customer experience.
  • Harnessing pervasive big data – a closed-loop approach from the customer to the network allows real-time analytic insights to be transformed into optimized business processes. Amdocs Charging Business Analytics unlocks the value of charging data for real-time insights for marketing and business end users. A dashboard with an intuitive, business-driven interface, analyzes behaviors such as subscriber usage activity and offer uptake to allow for timely response to usage patterns and proactive, accurate targeting of new offers and services. Amdocs Next Best Network Investment, a dynamic analytics application to determine the best investment for service providers to optimize network performance, OPEX and CAPEX, and to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Managing network evolution – end-to-end solutions that accelerate the transformation from physical to virtual networks and support rapid deployment and monetization of multiple technologies such as Fiber, LTE, Small Cells and Wi-Fi. Amdocs Convergent Charging provides a single charging engine, serving 3G and 4G LTE networks, accelerating the introduction of new VoLTE plans with pretested use cases whilst managing increased signaling overhead with proven tier-1 scalability; Amdocs Network Rollout solution, an automated planning and project orchestration solution now supports all wired and wireless technologies, utilizing industry best practice planning, engineering, deployment and placement optimization. Amdocs CES 9.2 also includes the recently-announced Amdocs Network Cloud Service Orchestrator to enable greater service agility and operational efficiency, and Amdocs Policy Controller as the industry’s first vPCRF to align with ETSI NFV ISG blueprint architecture for vendor-neutral, open networks.

“Amdocs CES 9.2 further addresses service providers’ need to proactively manage the customer experience from any point of interaction to the network,” said Rebecca Prudhomme, vice president of product and solutions marketing at Amdocs. “The ability to harness real-time network and customer data, combined with more agile service deployment, and a consistent user experience across all channels will allow service providers to drive customer revenues whilst optimizing and protecting their network investments.”

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