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Allied-Telesis-logoBangalore, India, September 19, 2014: Allied Telesis, a global provider of secure IP/Ethernet switching solutions, and an industry leader in the deployment and provision of IP Triple Play networks and networking infrastructures, announces the publication of a newsletter web portal, featuring Gartner Research.

The Allied Telesis newsletter features the Gartner Research report, Mainstream Organizations Should Prepare for SDN Now, published 18 March 2014.  The report recommends five key steps in preparation for Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and identifies a pragmatic roadmap for IT Infrastructure and Operations leaders to leverage the benefits associated with SDN.

The report says that, “IT leaders should deploy SDN opportunistically in accordance with specific initiatives or to meet specific use cases, versus deploying as an infrastructure.”  The report also states, “Network designers should establish a ‘line in the sand’ to ensure that new networking investments include SDN capability”.

In introducing the key challenges, the report says, “SDN is a radical new way of networking, and requires senior infrastructure leaders to rethink traditional networking practices and paradigms,” and that, “Modern network operations activities often require manual input and are often disconnected from the applications and services running on them.” 

SDN is still in its infancy and, at the present time, the focus is toward data centers. Allied Telesis is approaching the benefits of SDN from a complementary angle in order to be ready to support IT leaders in the enterprise market as they shift to this new way of networking. Customers of all sizes have different challenges and requirements, but SDN allows Allied Telesis to deliver more flexible and powerful ways to enable solutions that not only meet those challenges, but also reduce costs.  The approach involves simplifying the management of the network, which empowers customers to create their own solutions.

With or without SDN, customer networks must be more and more robust, resilient, scalable, flexible, and easy to implement and maintain. One year after launching the Allied Telesis Management Framework (AMF) solution, which delivers simplified network management and drives down operating costs, Allied Telesis is currently working with partners to create SDN applications that solve real-world business challenges that further simplify IT management of the network and contribute to reduced costs.

“The Allied Telesis vision for SDN, unveiled in our earlier white paper, is today totally realistic and achievable.  We have AMF installations in enterprises across the world and, with our range of OpenFlow-compliant hybrid SDN switches coming to market very soon, we will be able to guide and support our customers to implement an advanced SDN network that will solve any complex business challenges-whilst taking advantage of AMF management simplicity to save on operating costs,” said Graham Walker, Senior Product Manager at Allied Telesis Labs in New Zealand

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