Aashna Cloudtech announced the Best Cloud Service Provider

Aashna-Cloudtech-LogoMumbai, India, November 03, 2014: Aashna Cloudtech, a player in providing cutting edge cloud business solutions, has been recognized as ‘Best Cloud Service Provider’ by a leading media organization. Aashna has rich experience in consulting and implementing cloud solutions across the globe. As IT shifts from on-premise to cloud-based models, Aashna has transitioned itself with a whole new approach in Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB).

Aashna has been recognized for excellence in adopting innovative practices to become a role model as a cloud service provider. As a cloud service brokerage provider, Aashna Cloudtech provides the crucial connecting link between the consumer of the cloud and the cloud service provider enabling better integration and customization for the Enterprise. Gartner predicts that 20 percent of cloud services are going to be intermediated through CSBs by 2015. Aashna hopes to ride on the momentum based on these predictions as well as its expertise. 

Biswas NairManaging Director at Aashna Cloudtech said, “Aashna as a leading Cloud Service Brokerage firm stands out for its clients as a single point of contact for its ability to aggregate multiple cloud applications. This recognition is a testimonial of our leadership position in Cloud in the market we operate and the value we have been able to add to transform the business with our CSB model.”

Aashna Cloudtech extensively focuses on robust processes and leverages leading technology vendors as partners. These factors have made Aashna stand out as a leading cloud aggregator. The role of a CSB includes aggregation, integration and customization. As an aggregator the CSB pulls together multiple cloud services and provides them to end customers. In the integrator’s role, the CSB links cloud services and on-premise systems.

What sets this award apart from the several other channel awards, is the fact that they lay focus not just on the size of the company, but also aspects that are integral to making a company a true leader:

  • Quality of turnover growth and profitability
  • Product and solutions mix
  • Quality of HR
  • Best business practices
  • Marketing & sales innovations
  • Customer responsiveness
  • Future growth strategies  

“We have the advantage of being an early mover in this space. As more and more enterprises move to the cloud, IT leaders are finding it challenging to manage multiple vendors. In such a scenario, the role of a cloud integrator or aggregator like Aashna assumes much greater significance,” explains Biswas Nair.

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