4 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own PC

It’s easy enough to go out and buy a PC, but building your own is much more rewarding. There are countless benefits you may not have considered, so before you go out and buy a PC, read on to find out why you should build your own instead.

You Have Total Control

One of the main benefits of building your own PC is that you have complete control over the components you use to build it, as well as the customization. Use a find component search engine such as Octopart to compare qualities and prices – if you’re looking for a gaming computer, for example, you can opt for a better graphics card and a higher memory, and optimize all of the other components such as the case, power supply, motherboard, processor and more. Plus, if you decide one part isn’t the best choice for your computer, or you decide you need an upgrade or replacement, it’s much easier and cheaper to buy the one part and replace it yourself – trying to do this with a pre-built PC is a dangerous game and may end up costing you big time.

It’s Much Cheaper

Building your own computer is much cheaper than if you bought a pre-built system – as with most things, buying the parts separately and putting them together is a much more cost-effective option than buying the finished product outright. For those looking for a decent gaming PC, it would only cost you $300-$400 to build, and even those who are looking for the best system and performance will only spend around $800. Compared to those in store which can easily reach thousands of dollars, this can give you the exact same performance rate (if not better) for a much cheaper price.

Better Options if the Worst Happens

Building your own PC gives you much better options if you need to repair a part. With pre-built computers, most come with a year-long warranty which although may sound promising, in the long run isn’t that long, and if it does break within the warranty, you’ll have to send off the whole computer. Building your own computer means you can more easily identify the specific part, and even fix it yourself – repairing your computer is much cheaper than hiring someone to do it for you. Plus, most parts offer several year warranties, offering you protection for much longer.

It’s Fun!

There’s no denying it – building a computer is a lot of fun! It’s a big task, but that makes it very rewarding when you eventually finish. It pulls together your problem-solving skills and patience, offering challenges and hurdles along the way, but these are fun to overcome – and there’s no denying that using a computer you built yourself from scratch is overwhelmingly satisfying. You also gain a new set of skills you can use in the future. Who knows, maybe you could turn it into a hobby, and even make a profit from it?

With a little dedication and patience, building your own PC can be one of the most rewarding tasks you’ll take on – so what are you waiting for?!

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