2020 is a year of technological advantages for casinos

The new year always brings more and more innovative inventions to the entertainment industry. Many inventions and innovations are the first to be introduced in online casinos, between which competition for customers is fierce. Online casinos strive to provide their customers with a gaming experience that teases and entertains all the senses, which entices them to return to the same online casino again. In addition to casino bonuses, payment methods, quality customer service and graphics, online casinos are now competing with each other based on their interactive features, among other things.

More social and smarter gaming

Virtual reality would also allow for real-world social interaction with other players, but there have been other ways of investing in sociality. Many online casinos have taken a model from social media and added to their casinos, for example, the ability to chat with other players. In some casinos, players can even challenge each other, play together, add other players as friends, and chat privately with each other.

Online casinos have also taken over smartphones and thus become a natural part of the daily lives of many adults. In addition to the fact that games will work seamlessly on the smartphone screen in 2020, the use of the phone will enable several new features that will only remain a dream when played on a computer. Ease of payment and social features are great examples of the benefits of using a smartphone.

Playing in virtual reality

With new devices and technologies, the world of entertainment is changing. In particular, the new online casinos in 2020 have clearly excelled in terms of reforms, whether it be to increase social features or payment methods. However, virtual reality is still a rarer acquaintance that is only exploited by very few online casinos. So far, of the big names in the casino world, NetEnt  and Microgaming have experimented with virtual reality technology in a few games: Microgaming with it’s roulette and NetEnt’s Jack and the Beanstalk and Gonzo’s Quest slots.

It is predicted that 2020 will bring a change in this as well, as virtual glass prices continue to fall and many casinos are already developing a gaming experience based entirely on virtual reality. While few can afford to see the hassle or even want to go to the right casino, the casino reality that opens up through virtual glasses attracts many. Thanks to the stunning graphics, a virtual reality-based casino visit can very likely wash away a traditional casino visit, but most of all, it allows for a casino experience even for those who don’t have the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas, for example.

In 2020, artificial intelligence will also gradually begin to appear in several online casinos. In many casinos, customer service relies in part on artificial intelligence, and surprisingly, the service often works very well if the need for help is not very complex. In the future, artificial intelligence can also be used to study the player’s way of playing and possibly to identify the online casino in the direction according to the player’s preferences.

More female players and payment methods

While online casinos perceived as a couple of years ago, perhaps more strongly for men hobby, online casinos customer base has begun to diversify in regard to sex. Our own online casinos have also been developed for women, but yes, women can also be found in those ordinary online casinos. New online casinos in particular seem to be attractive to women, who may sometimes be more demanding than men, for example in terms of game selection and casino design. Attitudes towards gambling at online casinos have become more positive, and there is really no need to be ashamed of gambling on your own – in fact, gambling has become more common to the extent that it can be done even with a friend or family member.

Online casinos already offer a very wide arsenal of different payment methods, but even for them, online casinos have to constantly evolve and update. Among the new payment methods worth mentioning are, for example, Paypal and uPayCard, which allow the customer to transfer money to their casino account quickly and easily by phone. Surprisingly, the choice of payment methods can have a significant impact on which online casino a player settles into. As an Indian player, there are also possibilities to play on casinos in rupees. Even if the graphics and game selection of the online casino are top notch, the customer may run away to another casino if the payment and withdrawal options do not suit his needs. That is why, in this matter too, versatility and modernity are an asset!

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