Websense Transformation Delivers New TRITON APX 8.0 Platform to Surface Threats, Combat Skills Deficit & Provide Advanced Data Theft Prevention

Websense-logoAUSTIN, Texas, January 15, 2015: Websense, Inc. a global leader in protecting organizations from the latest cyber attacks and data theft, today announced the availability of Websense TRITON APX 8.0. The new modular platform provides advanced threat and data theft prevention for companies that embrace new technologies and working practices. TRITON APX provides protection across the advanced threat Kill Chain, reveals actionable intelligence and enables real-time feedback to educate and motivate end-users to avoid risky behavior. Designed to help organizations grow and embrace new technologies, such as cloud-based services, TRITON APX offers unparalleled protection for advanced attacks that exploit the Kill Chain. With five unique data-aware defenses necessary to prevent data theft, it brings together advanced threat protection and an enhanced customer experience. This release is the culmination of eighteen months of business transformation and innovation.

While organizations are not short of security data, they lack contextual information on security risks; what might happen next and how they should act. TRITON APX enables security professionals to reduce remediation as it surfaces attacks and prevents advanced attacks. Furthermore, TRITON APX does not contribute to security noise, helping security professionals focus on their most important tasks.

The unprecedented change in the technological landscape has seen the wide-scale adoption of the Cloud, mobile devices and a greater distributed workforce. These changes are compounded by a deficit in cyber security skills and personnel. To address these new security challenges, Websense has bolstered its services offerings through rapid deployment packages that combine skilled resources, best practices, learnings and expertise from a significant number of previous implementations, enabling customers to maximize the unparalleled protection of Websense TRITON APX solutions.

“It has been a transformative period for Websense, including moving our company from California to Texas, where we have tapped into the deep cyber security talent and are closer to our customers,” said John McCormack, Websense CEO. “Enhancing our customer experience is paramount to us, as the security industry has a responsibility to ensure that companies investing in solutions not only gain intelligence, but are able to highlight and interpret risks that could lead to data theft. TRITON APX 8.0 represents the beginning of the next generation in cyber security, as it is the platform for future innovation and growth. Most importantly, TRITON APX surfaces attacks, allowing cyber security professionals with little time on their hands, to act quickly and efficiently.”

“The challenge of securing an organization against sophisticated, advanced attacks, coupled with the cyber security skills shortage creates a difficult scenario for organizations,” said Charles Kolodgy, Research Vice President, Security Products at IDC. “TRITON APX takes strong steps to address this issue through the use of one management console, enabling companies to surface actionable intelligence. The new modular platform provides companies the choice they desire alongside advanced data theft prevention capabilities that are unique to the market.”​​

Features included in TRITON APX 8.0 include:

UNIQUE: Advanced threat protection across the Kill Chain: Through integrated web, email and data solutions, Websense provides deep analysis across the advanced threat Kill Chain to detect and stop APT’s and advanced malware that are designed to evade point solutions.

Effective and easy to deploy data theft prevention: A fully contextually-aware data theft engine that is integrated with Web and email gateways. Features include:

–          UNIQUE: Drip DLP shows how the cumulative analysis of content over time is used to identify “low and slow” data theft where a small but consistent flow of sensitive data is leaked over an extended period of time, e.g. sending 20 credit cards during an hour, one by one, in order to avoid detection.

–          UNIQUE: Optical Character Recognition allows embedded text to be identified within screenshots, photographs and image-based documents.

–          Mobile DLP monitors and blocks sensitive data stored in messages being downloaded onto mobile devices running iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile OS.

UNIQUE: Safe adoption of cloud services: Provides visibility and control over what documents employees can share, using authorized and unauthorized cloud storage services such as Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, OneDrive and Box.

UNIQUE: Remote Intellectual Property (IP) protection: Enforced IP protection policies on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Confidential documents, designs, customer records and products formulas can all be protected from data loss or data theft when employees are working outside the corporate network.

Access to advanced skills for rapid deployment: TRITON QuickStart Implementation packages bring together skilled resources, best practices, learnings and expertise from  previous implementations to maximize the unparalleled protection of Websense® TRITON solutions.

Actionable Intelligence: Dashboard that provides intelligent prioritization of incidents, empowering IT staff to focus, rapidly respond and resolve critical issues. Detailed information guides less experienced security staff to take appropriate actions.

–          Machine learning (ML) usually requires a labor-intensive process involving the provision of large positive and negative document sets. Using algorithms that enable the creation of machine learning classifiers without the need to supply a negative document set, TRITON APX significantly lowers the barrier to ML adoption.

Employee data theft risk indicators: Pre-defined policies that look for sensitive content coupled with behavior suggestive of high-risk employee activity, indicative of data theft.

Employee education: Real-time feedback options to educate and motivate end-users to identify and avoid risky behavior. Built-in reports proactively identify ‘high risk users’ based on their experience in engaging with phishing emails.

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