“There is a huge potential in India’s security and surveillance segment today” – Vijay Shandilya, CEO at E-Vision India

CEO-at-E-Vision-India-Vijay-ShandilyaVijay Shandilya, CEO at E-Vision India

Q. Will you please give an introduction on E-Vision?

Ans: E Vision India is a leading security solution provider co. having its own brand “E Vision” we design, supply, installation, testing & commissioning under one roof, of CCTV, IP cameras, DVR, NVR, Biometrics Machine, Metal Detector, Access Control & Electronic Security Systems, We have professional team & experience staff for all these jobs. We do pilot projects on turnkey basis.

Recently we awarded by Sh. Gorge Faranadish Minister of Road & Highways As “The Best upcoming Co. In Manufacturing of Security Cameras”

Q. What are your highest-selling surveillance products in the Indian market? Any innovative product from the E-Vision?

Ans: EVIR 48 is the highest selling product, which is economical & best suited for small & medium scale units & projects. In recent times people are aware of the importance of IP cameras, we are also seeing the increase in demand of IP cameras in most of the
government sectors, which has driven our focus more on this product line. We offer 1.3mega pixel 2mega pixel & 3 mega pixel cameras. We have recently launched “APTINA” module IP Cameras, the best IP module in the world. Module is the Inner Part
of cameras.

Q. How are E-Vision’s surveillance products different from others?

Ans: E Vision products are reliable & cost effective which provides rich experience and designed with advanced technology. We provide five year warranty on our projects. We compare our quality with high brands and have proved to offer same quality at lesser prices when compared to our competitors.

Q. Please tell our readers, how your EV IP IR VF surveillance cameras are different from EVAR Cameras.

Ans: EVIP IR is IP based cameras having resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and EVAR is array analogue having 700 TVL resolution approx. one mega pixel.

Q. What are the good trends in the Indian surveillance products now?

Ans: There is a huge potential in India’s security and surveillance segment today. People are aware of the importance of the use of security and surveillance products. The IP based security products are in trend.

Trend has been changed from analog to IP, as businesses are looking for improved security and other benefits such as edge recording, smarter access control and better analytics.

Q. What is your upcoming market strategy in India?

Ans: We are concentrating more on IP cameras. To meet the quality at better price, we areplanning to collaborate with a Taiwan co. We are targeting to the government sector; we are more focused about the projects related to our brand E Vision.

Q. What is the size of surveillance products market now?

Ans: The surveillance products market is fast growing in India; it will become approximately 2 thousand crore very soon. Very soon we will see every street will cover with city surveillance systems.

Q. Please share your range and type of clientele in India.

Ans: We have nearly 4000 industrial clients in India; we have focused on small, medium & large scale industries. Most of our order value is 1 lakh to 10 lakh. Our highest order was 2 crore. We are focused on automobile, medical, food & engineering industries, some of our good projects are Vayu Bhawan, BEL, CPWD, JCB, Aditya Birla Group, L& T, & RWA s of different areas.

Q. How long you wish to go in the next 5 years?

Ans: We are targeting to become 100 crore industry in next five years with a reputed brand E -Vision and also aiming to expand our distribution channel and franchise all over India.

Q. Your suggestion to the channel community…

Ans: Be Honest with your profession Do your duties with honesty; Serve more than what you are getting

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