Kaspersky Lab Launches Anti Targeted Attack Platform and New Security Services

Companies need more than endpoint protection to stay secure in an increasingly complex cyber-threat landscape and Kaspersky Lab is today announcing two new enterprise security solutions that will help to meet this need. The Kaspersky AntiTargeted AttackPlatform is a premium solution based on the most advanced technology to date and draws on Kaspersky Lab’s expertise in the detection and analysis of the world’s most sophisticated threats.  Kaspersky Security Intelligence Services will help businesses to strengthen all aspects of IT security.  Both offerings reflect the company’s commitment to the faster delivery of security intelligenceto customers in the form of protection.

Defining the new era of IT security

2015 marked a turning pointin the evolution of threats and their perception by business: companies fully realized that merely defending the corporate network perimeter was no longer enough. Although protecting the boundaries from generic attacks remainsimportant, it is clear that businesses also need to be able to detect a targetedor advanced cyberattackin progress.Other security needs voiced by businesses include the ability to predict future targeted attacks. At Kaspersky Lab we believe that these challenges, unlike more traditional (and still widespread) cyber-attacks, cannot be addressed through a new technology or product, but demand a combination of technology and intelligence. This is why we are today announcing the release of two new security offerings: an advanced solution to detect targeted attacks and a range of security services that help businesses respond to current cyber-security challenges and predict future ones.

“Kaspersky Lab has vast experience in threat intelligence and a long history of discovering some of the world’s most high-profile APTs”, says Christian A. Christiansen, IDC Program Vice President, Security Products. “IDC’s Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection Market (STAP) quantifies the opportunity for countering APTs and targeted attacks. IDC believes the market will grow to over $3 billion by 2019, with a 5-year CAGR of 28%.  This is high growth rate is driven by significant adoption of STAP products to address the growing need for advanced threat detection”

“When businesses face an adversary with the skill, knowledge and determination to overcome the many existing security technologies, they need knowledge of possible attack vector details of the indicators of compromise,and the ability to distinguish normal operations from malicious activity. This is an immense undertaking which requires strong security expertise combined with technology that is capable of spotting a criminal act in the avalanche of daily activity in a large corporation,” commented Garry Kondakov, Chief Business Officer, Kaspersky Lab“This is the challenge that is being addressedwith the Kaspersky AntiTargeted Attack Platform,together with thesecurity services aimed at sharing security intelligence with our customers faster than ever before. Today we announce our entry into a new category of security products, one that we believe will define the future of the IT security industry.”

Kaspersky AntiTargeted Attack Platform

The Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform is a highly sophisticated solution that enables businesses to detect targeted attacks and other malicious actions through careful monitoring of network activity, web and e-mail. This allows the company to detect complex attacks at any stage, even when no malicious activity is taking place. Suspicious events are then processed via different engines, including an Advanced Sandbox and Targeted Attack Analyzer for a final verdict.

The Advanced Sandbox is based on more than 10 years of experience in proactive security technology. It provides a safe, isolated and virtualized environment for analyzing suspicious objects and detecting their intent. The Targeted Attack Analyzer utilizes data processing and machine learning technologies to assess and combine verdicts from different analysis engines. This is where the final decision to alert the staff is made.

The Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform is available as an independent solution or in combination with expert services aimed at rapid incident detection and response. The availability of intelligence services also enables customers to adapt the solution to specific business needs.

Kaspersky Security Intelligence Services

Kaspersky Lab’s Security Intelligence Services are designed to meet the most frequent demandsof large organizations, governmental agencies, ISPs, Telecoms and Managed Security Service Providers.  They cover three main areas. The first of these is Penetration Testing and Application Security Assessment, allowing corporate clients to predict the specifics of a cyber-attack before it happens. Secondly, there is theCybersecurity Trainingservice,including a workforce awarenessprogram as well as Cybersecurity Fundamentals,Digital Forensics and Malware Analysis/Reverse Engineering training. The third and final type of service is Threat Data Feeds and Botnet Tracking and Intelligence Reporting. The latter offers made-to-order reports on specific aspects of the threat landscape as well as prompt, actionable reports on the latest and most sophisticated threats.

“We are observing a major shift towards an adaptive security strategy, especially among large businesses. Enterprises understand that,on top of their ongoing threat prevention and compliance challenges,they need tools and intelligence to identify complex and targeted threats and to reduce the potential damage. At Kaspersky Lab we believe that sharing our leading security intelligence in the actionable, comprehensible form of security services and next-generation solutions is the right path to better security,” said Veniamin Levtsov, Kaspersky Lab’s Vice President, Enterprise and Presales. Introducing Security Intelligence Services that address major, time-critical enterprise security threats is the first milestone of our new business strategy, aimed at accelerating the transformation of security expertise into real protection for our customers.”

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