Hero Electronix launches Qubo Smart Outdoor Security Camera with Face Mask Detection

Hero Electronix has expanded its Qubo product portfolio with the launch of the Qubo Smart Outdoor Security Camera in white colour. This camera comes with ultra-advanced AI features that are extremely relevant for the Outdoor Security of your house and small businesses, especially in current pandemic times. This weather-resistant IP65 camera is perfect for securing spaces like house or shop entrance, front porch, back yard, balconies and terraces. It can withstand all kinds of climates and is a perfect guard for your outdoors.


The Qubo Outdoor Camera comes equipped with first of its kind innovative AI features making it unique in its peer group globally. With unique Face Mask Detection, you can get instantly notified whenever a visitor entering your home or waiting outside is not wearing a Face mask. The intelligent Secure Car Parking has been specifically developed to help you ensure the safety of your Car parked outside. You can simply create a safety zone around your car and get instantly alerted as soon as the car moves in or out of the spot. Further, Qubo Outdoor Camera comes with an option to turn Round the Clock recording on in its field of view which is a critical requirement for outdoor security.

Qubo’s Outdoor Camera uses innovative & advanced technology to deliver category-leading first of its kind features such as:

Face Mask Detection: Users can now get notified instantly when someone entering their home or waiting outside is not wearing a mask. This feature is extremely useful for receiving contactless deliveries of products and being able to ensure that people adhere to the right safety guidelines. The feature has been designed to also be used by businesses such as cloud kitchens, stores, office workplaces, and small retail stores etc. where there is a large congregation of individuals in closed confined spaces and households as well.

Secure Car Parking: While current COVID times have reduced our need to travel, it has also heightened concerns around the safety of parked cars especially as people leave them unattended for long periods of time. With secure car parking, users can now create a smart safety zone around their car and get instantly alerted as soon as the car moves in and out of that parking zone.

Continuous Recording: Unlike other Qubo products, Qubo Outdoor Camera comes with an option to turn round the clock recording in its field of view which is a critical requirement for outdoor security. With up to 128 GB memory storage support and cloud storage, users won’t have to worry about running out of space.

Intruder Alarm System: Qubo Outdoor Camera monitors constantly and notifies you as soon as a person is detected. This is unlike other motion-activated cameras in this category which can flood your phone with irrelevant alerts like the leaves of the plant moving or your dog moving in the living room. Further, you can even customize it to ring an automatic loud siren as soon as a person is detected in your absence. Making it a smart Intruder Alarm system for your outdoors.

Time Lapse: With this feature, a short video is created with the daily activities. This allows users to view the footage recorded over a long period of time quickly thereby ensuring that users don’t miss out on anything important the camera has recorded. It creates a nice visitor collage for the day when installed at your front door.

IVR Calling: The feature within the camera alerts you about suspicious activity when the AI detects the same and automatically calls your number to alert you. It is really a first of its kind feature offered by any camera brand in India.

The Qubo Outdoor camera is very easy to set-up and can be installed anywhere in your house within minutes. It comes with an IP65 rating which makes it weather-resistant and can be used anywhere outdoors without worrying about the weather. It is the most secured device in its category. Secured using the Q-Crypto framework, all accesses to the device are only from authenticated and authorized users. In our security camera the video, audio and image data is protected by strong encryption methodologies, and transported over TLS secured channels to the cloud and user for consumption. Ensuring that consumer‘s data stays private and confidential always.

The camera will be available at an accessible price point of INR 5490 across all the leading offline outlets and online channels from this week onwards. With the Qubo Outdoor Camera, Hero Electronix aims to tap into the consumer segment residing in individual homes and apartments across Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.  With the launch of the Qubo Outdoor Camera, Hero Electronix is committed to its vision of launching more than 10 smart products across Home Automation, Automotive, and Entertainment domains in the next 2 years.

Commenting on the launch, Nikhil Rajpal, CEO, Hero Electronix, said: “Our vision of introducing breakthrough AI-powered innovative products to the masses at accessible price points continues unabated. With the launch of the Smart Outdoor Security Camera, we aim to bring a product to consumers across India that can potentially safeguard their well-being and reduce their mental anxiety due to COVID. To retail the new camera, we have also significantly expanded our presence in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities where we expect the maximum uptake for the product.”

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