EC-Council Launches CEH Master Hacker Certification to train Ethical Hackers

EC-Council, the leading global information security certification body, has recently launched Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Master credential to address the rising demand for performance-based training and certification for ethical hackers.
Mr. Jay Bavisi, Founder and CEO of EC-Council Group, said, “We are committed to using innovative and new approaches to train cyber experts to prevent cybercrime and to promote a safer and secure cyber environment. CEH Master uses a new methodology to prepare the students for real-world jobs. It will go a long way in sharpening the skills of the students who will be better prepared to address the challenge of preventing cybercrime.”
This new initiative is in keeping with EC Council’s commitment to align the curriculum with the demand of the industry. It is for this reason that CEH has emerged as a certification of choice in over 145 countries since 2003. With the launch of the CEH Master, EC Council continue to set standards in the ethical hacking certification and training sector.
CEH Master credential is awarded to hackers that have both the CEH and the CEH (Practical) certification. It prepares the candidate for actual challenges by evaluating their capability against problems from the real-world. This unique approach is a departure from the regular both the multiple choice exams and simulation-based exams and allows the candidates to hone his/her skills and abilities by working on actual real world challenges.
With the next exam, security professionals are required to demonstrate the understanding of attack vectors by performing network scanning to identify live and vulnerable machines in a network, performing operating system banner grabbing, system hacking, steganography, steganalysis attacks, enumeration and even cover tracks. They must also conduct a variety of web server and web application attacks including directory traversal, parameter tampering, XSS, perform SQL injection attacks and different types of cryptography attacks as part of a rigorous 6 hour online and proctored exam. This is truly revolutionary.
CEH Master is a badge of honour for any ethical hacker who wants to make a mark in this challenging field. To become a CEH Master, a candidate must successfully pass the  CEH  exam and demonstrate competency in managing real world hacking challenges via the CEH (Practical) Exam. This demands the prospective ethical hacker to discover and exploit real-time vulnerabilities while auditing the systems set up by EC-Council in the cloud, thus enhancing the challenge and better preparing him/her for the job.

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