Dell Helps Businesses Reduce Risk, Focus on Innovation with Enhancements to Comprehensive Security Portfolio

New Delhi, India, May 28, 2015: Dell announced new mobile security and network security updates and solutions designed to help businesses thrive and innovate while reducing risk. Dell also featured its innovative solutions with the world’s first 120 Gbps firewall demonstration, and highlighted multiple security awards from Info Security Products Guide, SC Magazine and NSS Labs.

“Threat landscape and advancements in IT infrastructure is growing relentlessly which is compelling organizations to reconsider their overall security strategy. Also, the number of entry points that cybercriminals use to penetrate corporate networks is increasing rapidly. Therefore, it is recommended that companies deploy a stringent and multi-layered security solution that will give them an inside-out network protection.  Dell SonicWALL’s line of security appliances and solutions incorporates the broadest level of protection which helps organizations protect their network against both malicious and non-malicious threats.” Said Murli Mohan, Director & General Manager, Dell Software Group.

Secure Mobile Access Solutions

The Dell Secure Mobile Access (SMA) solution increases mobile and remote-worker productivity, protects data from threats, and integrates with industry leading mobile management solutions. SMA also provides a secure end-to-end mobile management and security solution for BYO, CYO and managed devices. With the new SMA 11.2 release, the solution adds secure access to more resources using a standard HTML 5 browser, enabling intuitive access for most smartphones, tablets and laptop users and reduces reliance on Java and ActiveX components. In addition to existing support for HTML 5 browser access to RDP published applications and desktops, the new release adds HTML 5 browser access to Citrix Xendesktop and Xenapps ICA support. The new SMA 6200 and 7200 appliances also offer increased scalability, with the SMA 6200 entry platform supporting up to 2,000 concurrent users, while the new SMA 7200 mid-range platform supports up to 10,000 concurrent users.

Amit Singh, Country Manager, Dell SonicWALL said, “For businesses, it is more crucial now than ever before to use integrated and efficient security solution to protect against threats that may put their company at risk. We, at Dell SonicWALL, is committed to offering greatest levels of security solutions to organizations across environments. Receiving numerous global excellence awards and the coveted recommended rating from NSS labs stands as a testimonial to Dell’s best-in-class network security solutions.”

Ultra-high Performance Next-Generation Firewall

SSL decryption and inspection are critical NGFW capabilities required to effectively uncover malware deeply hidden inside encrypted web sessions and provide deeper perimeter network security. At RSA, Dell will collaborate with Array Networks and Spirent Communication to give the industry’s first demonstration of a highly-resilient, scalable, “Open Firewall Sandwich” layer 3 architecture. In this network design, the Dell SuperMassive NGFW with onboard SSL decryption can be incrementally deployed and horizontally scaled infinitely to address SSL performance loss and increase SSL decryption and inspection performance. The solution overcomes the challenges posed by the dramatic increase in secure web-based content and applications.

Also at RSA, Dell will be joined by Ixia in demonstrating a network-based model for scaling a NGFW that enables organizations to scale above 100 Gbps of deep packet inspection (DPI) performance while gaining network simplicity, highest security efficacy and N+1 resiliency. This “Firewall Sandwich” architecture will solve an enterprise’s most complex and demanding data center operations – all at a considerably low cost.

Dell’s Ongoing Commitment to Security Protection, Discovery and Innovation

With more data being circulated outside the direct control of IT departments, businesses need to ensure that employees are not only defended against malware attacks, but that all data is encrypted at the file level. The growing number of businesses utilizing Dell Data Protection | Encryption (DDP | E) highlights the importance being placed on endpoint security as employees grow more mobile. In addition, the recently announced Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite (DDP | ESS) provides IT Departments with a simple to deploy and manage solution, which provides threat protection, authentication and data encryption through a single management console.

Dell SecureWorks Banking Botnets Report

In order to provide organizations insight into the most insidious and pervasive Banking Botnets currently being used to target financial institutions and their clients, Dell SecureWorks today released its annual Top Banking Botnets threat analysis. This report outlines the inner workings of each Bank Botnet and provides key indicators for each of them so that organizations can help protect themselves from these threats. Key highlights include:

  • In addition to traditional banking websites, targets of the Banking Trojans included websites related to corporate finance and corporate payroll services, stock trading, social networking, email services, phone companies, employment portals, entertainment portals and dating portals.
  • Crypto currency like Bitcoin was a new addition to Banking Botnet targets in 2014.
  • Attackers used Banking Trojans to target more than 1,400 financial institutions across more than 80 countries.
  • More than 90 percent of all Trojans targeted financial institutions located in US, followed by the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia.
  • Attackers began avoiding countries where international transactions are more difficult and require local intervention to launder the money. As a result, cyber attacks increased against banks and other organizations in Asia, where institutions tend to have weaker account security in place. 

This research comes on the heels of the insight provided by the Dell SonicWALL Annual Threat Report also released earlier this month, which highlighted a surge in point-of-sale (POS) malware, increased malware traffic within encrypted (https) web protocols and a 100 percent increase in attacks against supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. The report also includes predictions from the Dell SonicWALL Threat Research Team, including:

  • Android will remain a hot target for malware writers, with sophisticated, new techniques to thwart Android malware researchers and users by making malware hard to identify and research.
  • As wearable technology becomes more widespread in the next year, the first wave of malware targeting these devices will emerge.
  • Home routers and home network utilities, such as surveillance systems, will be targeted and perhaps used to assist large DDoS attacks.
  • Electric vehicles and their operating systems will be targeted. 

Dell Security Solutions Recognized By Security Community

The drive to create innovative, superior security solutions that enable a better, more protected business fuels Dell’s commitment to provide end-to-end security solutions that address customers’ unique needs. This expertise was honored this year at RSA by SC Magazine, Info Security and NSS Labs.

  • Info Security Products Guide’s 2015 Global Excellence Awards

The Info Security Product Guide’s Global Excellence Awards recognizes security and IT vendors with advanced, ground-breaking products and solutions that are helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of security and technologies. Dell was honored as: 

  • A Gold Winner in the following categories:
  • Firewalls for Dell SuperMassive 9800
  • A Silver Winner in the following categories:
  • New Products and Services for Dell SuperMassive 9800
  • Auditing for Change Auditor 6.6
  • A Bronze Winner in the following categories:
  • Best Security Software (new or updated version) for Dell One Identity as a Service v1.0
  • Cloud Security for Dell Cloud Access Manager v8.0
  • Compliance for Change Auditor 6.6
  • Endpoint Security for Dell KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance v6.3
  • Identity Management for Dell One Identity Manager v6.9
  • Integrated Security and Unified Threat Management (UTM) for Dell SonicWALL TZ Series
  • IPSec/SSL/VPN  for Dell Secure Mobile Access (SMA)
  • Network Security and Management for “Dell KACE Safeguards Vital Technology Assets at Denver Museum of Nature and Science”
  • A Grand Winner and the only company to be named so with more than 2,500 employees.
  • SC Magazine 2015 Awards

SC Magazine honored Dell SecureWorks’ Managed Security Services with its Best Managed Security Service award. Dell SecureWorks has won this award seven times. Dell SecureWorks’ Managed Security Services was recognized by a panel representing the audience of SC Magazine, as the top solution in the Reader Trust Award Best Managed Security Service category at the 2015 SC Awards.

Each year, hundreds of products are entered in the Reader Trust Award category. Each product is judged by a panel representing a cross-section of SC Magazine readership, which is comprised of large, medium and small enterprises from all major vertical markets including financial services, healthcare, government, retail, education and other sectors. Entrants are narrowed down to a select group of finalists before undergoing a rigorous final judging process to determine the winner in each category. 

  • Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive E10800 Earns Recommended Rating from NSS Labs

At this week’s RSA expo, Dell was presented with a plaque recognizing that the Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive E10800 earned a “recommended” rating from NSS Labs for the third time in their next-generation firewall category.

“Dell SonicWALL and the SuperMassive line have received ‘Recommended’ ratings in NSS tests for both NGFW and IPS over the last three years,” says Vikram Phatak, CEO, NSS Labs. “With their consistent performance in real world testing, Dell SonicWALL has proven that they offer compelling solutions that provide both consistently exceptional levels of security effectiveness and that are highly scalable to support the massive data, capacity and connectivity demands of even the largest enterprises.”


  • The Dell SMA OS 11.2 is now generally available worldwide and the SMA 6200 and 7200 appliances will be available in May 2015.
  • The Dell SonicWALL firewall sandwich architecture is now available worldwide.

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