Data, identity, and monetary guard for all your cards

Cardsafe is a simple data protection solution for all contactless debit and credit cards that have RFID or NFC chips in them. The card acts as a radiation transmission blocker that prevents data, identity, and monetary theft. Our cost-effective, innovative, and minimalistic solution is ideal to take preventive measures, in the age of technology. Cardsafe Technologies is a trusted partner to protect your data and finances.

All our cards are ergonomically designed with 4 layers of protection to ensure optimal safety. The jamming signal generator and antenna work together to create an invisible electric shield of 13.56 Mhz. We use the highest quality of eco-friendly PVC material and technology with quality-checks at every level. We believe that in order to build a better tomorrow, every single step counts – which is why, we take extra measures to protect the planet while serving our customers.

At Cardsafe, we offer a 3-year warranty with a 100% guarantee on all our cards. We also believe customization goes a long way and take it in our hearts to provide personalized cards for your business.

Established in 2019, with a mission to transform data security, across the country, one user at a time. We believe in flattening the curve to fight data theft during this digital revolution.

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