AV-TEST Windows XP Protection Report: Qihoo 360 At Top With 100% Block Rate

Microsoft-logoNew Delhi, India, May 10, 2014: Windows XP has been “retired” for a month since Microsoft ended support of the operating system on April 8th 2014. The World Authoritative Testing Institute (AV-TEST) recently examined ten anti-virus software solutions to measure their protection capabilities against efforts to exploit Windows XP security vulnerabilities. During the test, Qihoo 360 Internet Security 9 blocked 100% of attacks (54 out of 54).

AV-TEST created 54 samples, targeting seven different vulnerabilities, combined with different obfuscation and evasion options as well as different payloads to simulate a wide variety of possible malware attacks. The average block rate among the ten solutions evaluated was 73.5%. Qihoo 360 achieved a 100% block rate, detecting/blocking all 54 attacks, while Tencent PC Manager was the only product that failed to pass this test with an 18.5% block rate.

According to the report, there are basically two ways to detect malware attacks. One is to detect them statically by signatures, which will detect certain versions of a specific exploit. The other is to generically detect the techniques used by exploits instead of detecting the exploit itself. The result again proved that Qihoo 360’s industry-leading security protection capability is superior.

AV-TEST, headquartered in Magdeburg, Germany, is internationally recognized as one of the three authoritative antivirus testing agencies, well known for its independent and objective anti-virus testing processes and strict evaluation standards. All of the better-known antivirus solutions participate in AV-TEST evaluations in order to test and improve their products.

Ten popular antivirus software solutions were tested, including Qihoo 360, Avast, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, Eset, Kaspersky, Norton, etc. It is reported that nearly 20% PC users are still using Windows XP system in China.

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