10,000+ subscribers benefit from One Touch Response(OTR) Emergency Services

New Delhi, India, June 1, 2015: India’s first-ever and one of its kind-911 style private emergency response service –One Touch Response (OTR) Emergency Services, today announced that is has  successfully signed on over 10,000 subscribers .

Founder of One Touch Response, Arvind Khanna said “We had launched the service for employees of large corporates. Many of these employees enquire about One Touch Response for their family members. When employees use OTR they recognize that in times of emergencies, professionally trained response can make all the difference”.

The service, accessible via the OTR app or on the phone, offers a single point of contact for all emergencies such as road rage situations, stalking, eve-teasing, physical threat, being stranded on the road late at night, being caught in a minor or major accident, fire or a medical situation, be it at home or on the road.

Immediate on-call assistance is made available within seconds of a user initiating an emergency via the app. While the Incident Managers at the OTR Command & Control Centre are handholding the user during the crisis, OTR’s on ground physical support teams, called First Response Teams(FRTs), are activated to reach the user within minutes. The FRT’s will then remain with the user till the emergency is closed. Further, depending on the nature of the emergency, OTR coordinates with external agencies such as the police, ambulance, medical services, fire, cab services, mechanics etc. on behalf of the user. The FRT’s are trained to administer first aid, break up an assault, handle small fires and provide the subscriber a sense of mental peace.

OTR FRT teams, consisting of two people, are stationed across the NCR region and they are available to attend, within minutes, to any emergency 24×7. The FRT professionals have undergone an in-depth personal verification and are trained in martial arts, self defense techniques, basic first aid, fire safety, unarmed combat and evacuation techniques on global protocols by Indian and international experts.

Following the successful response in Delhi-NCR, the on ground physical assistance service will now be extended to 6 more cities by 2016, as part of OTR’s expansion plans.

One Touch Response Emergency Services is the first of its kind service to combine a smartphone safety application with state-of-the-art technology, backed by on ground physical response assistance. We believe that such a complete offering, that is on the lines of services available in leading markets like the US, Europe and Israel, is the need of the hour, in response to rising safety and security incidences”, said Arvind Khanna, Founder, One Touch Response Emergency Services. “In a sense a person should consider this to be their security insurance”.

Talking about the vision of the business, Arvind Khanna said, “The aim is to democratise safety and security to as many people as possible. Many of our countrymen do not have access to personal security or help when they need it the most. Our vision is to help people in their hour of need and to help them coordinate with the police, fire brigade or any other services that they require”.

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