TCL TS3015 Soundbar Review

TCL TS3015 is a new soundbar released in India. The latest TSL 2.1-channel soundbar with various wired and wireless networking methods is available on Amazon and Flipkart. This is the first audio product officially released by TCL in India that extends its line of products, including smart TVs and air conditioners.


The soundbar is priced at Rs. 8,999 provides 2.1 channel support and packages various interfaces. TCL is mainly catered for TV buyers in India and is the country’s first audio offering. And considering how new labels flourished in the inexpensive soundbar market. Continue reading to know more about TCL TS3015 Soundbar.


  • Brand: TCL
  • Model name/Number: TS3015
  • Usage: Audio
  • Power: 20V
  • Color: Black
  • Frequency range: 180 Watt


The TCL TS3015 provides a good selection of features to discuss the product at its expense. The design of the TS 3015 is robust to improve users’ listening experience. The 2.1 channel system ensures 180W sound output. Two audio channels relay sound propagation to the woofer and vice versa forms the key highlight of the product.


You can keep it away from the soundbar in a wireless subwoofer. The versatility goes a long way to making sure that you don’t waste space. That said, you do need the system to be wired to a power socket.

The TCL TS3015 soundbar provides you a lot in terms of connectivity. Bluetooth 5.0 is available to download music without a wire. There’s also the HDMI Arc interface. The soundbar will of course be used for laptops, tablets, and TVs. It’s available in black and remotely bundled.

The soundbar TCL TS3015 delivers excellent performance. The audio quality is a key feature for a superior home video experience. The wireless subwoofer is great to produce a simple, energetic sound with deep bass. The soundbar is incredibly simple to set up and the wireless subwoofer allows tremendous versatility in design.

Other features of this soundbar include an optical cable port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a slot for a TF card. This allows you to turn the soundbar into an independent media player.


You can link the TS3015 soundbar to your TV with HDMI, Optical, Aux, line-in, or RCA connections. TV, Music, and News are advanced sound types that help enrich the listening and watching experiences. The sound bar-style helps you to either sit next to your TV or install a mounting set on the wall.

The TS3015 soundbar from TCL is very punching at the price point below 10K. It will compete in the industry with well-known brands such as Xiaomi, JBL, Sail, Philips, and more.

Price and Availability

The TCL TS3015 is the first officially introduced audio device by TCL in India and costs Rs. 8,999. The soundbar is currently available in both Amazon and Flipkart and goes against other reasonably priced options from brand names such as Blaupunkt, Xiaomi, and Philips. The TCL TS3015 has the advantage of a specially built wireless subwoofer at Rs. 10,000, which is not found in most brands as it costs a bit greater than the Mi Soundbar.

TCL TS3015 Soundbar Final Verdict

Music lovers and existing demands in the entertainment industry grow with newer innovations and are still searching for improved sound-quality music systems that can be conveniently attached to any mobile screen. TCL TS3015 is built in line with this vision and has all the sophisticated features music fans demand from contemporary speakers.

The brand also moved into the audio market with this launch and looks forward to giving its users a superior and diverse sound quality. By introducing new product lines and fulfilling customer expectations TCL continues to expand its offering by supplying the best it can demand. Hence, we hope the above review will help you to know everything about the TCL TS3015 soundbar and allows you to make the right choice before purchasing it.

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