Modicare EnviroGlobe Product Profiling

Modicare EnviroGlobe helps to protect an area of approx. 300-350 sq. ft. It changes the harmful nature of radiation without altering the signal strength and quality. It has been tested on more than 1000 people and proved that after having EnviroGlobe installed, the pulse rate is reduced by 4-7 percent in those who have a high pulse rate (> 82). Modicare EnviroGlobe is easy to charge as it gets charged through sunlight/artificial light/lamp in just 15 minutes and lasts for almost a week.

Modicare EnviroGlobe

It is a passive device and generates random waves at higher frequencies, which carry the constant Microwaves emitted from electrical gadgets, server rooms, wi-fi routers, mobile transmission towers, mobile boosters, etc. in a random form to make them compatible with the body’s waveforms, which is no longer harmful for the human body. The device is quite handy and portable, hence providing protection from radiation anytime, anywhere.

Pricing and availability

Modicare EnviroGlobe has been priced at INR 4,500 and will be available through Modicare’s consultants or at Modicare Distribution Points/ Modicare Success Centres/ Modicare Lifestyle Centres.

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