UltraProlink launches the Ultra Tough Lightening Cables for iOS devices

UltraProlink-Ultra-Tough-Lightening-Cables-for-iOSUltraProlink has launched its Ultra Tough Lightening Cables for iOS devices viz. iPhone, iPad and iPod. These lightening port cables are tough enough to handle 30 Kg of weight and enable superfast data transfer at speeds of 480Mbps at a current of 2.4A which is good enough for iPhone as well as iPad. The polyester mesh exterior gives them unparalleled strength. The PVC on the inside allows for flexibility and easy usage. The Ultra Tough Lightening Cables are an Apple MFI certified accessory.

Cracking and breakage of data cables is a reality and can be a painful yet necessary accompaniment for your smart gadget. Now you have to suffer that no more. UltraProlink brings the ultimate solution – Ultra Tough Lightening Cables – they are good-looking, very-very strong n’ flexible and enable super fast charging/data-transfer. And of course they look very good with that iPhone, iPad or iPod of yours. The cable sports connectors with Machine tested joints, which can withstand tensile loads of up to 80N/MM2.

Adding to the reliability and refinement are the metallic connectors at both ends – machine tested and come with diamond cut edges. This ensures that the user experience is seamless and your expensive gadget is safe. The Ultra Tough Lightening Cables are ready for the rigors – extreme weather, travel, pull, push etc. Your Apple devices will never be short of power and the data transfer would go on un-interrupted even if you were playing a tug-of-war with this cable. Customers can choose from Space Grey (1.2mtrs) and Glowing Black (2mtrs), priced at INR 1,499 and INR 1,799 respectively.

“I am confident that customers will find the Ultra Tough Lightening Cables highly useful and convenient.  Made with dual materials to provide unmatched strength and flexibility, these cables sync with the aesthetics of your smart devices. High on durability and allowing for superfast data-transfer/charging, these are your reliable gadget companions whether at work or play, at home or office or during the journey,” says Pankaj Mirchandani, Managing Partner, RCA (Owner of UltraProlink brand)

Availability & warranty

The UltraProlink Ultra Tough Lightening Cables come with a manufacturer warranty of one year and will be initially be available at select Apple Premium retailers across India such as Future World, iNvent, iSpace, Currents & Ample.

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