STK Launches Wireless Charging Solutions – Apple Certified Q Touch Case and Q Touch Pad

STK-Wireless-Charging-SolutionsNew Delhi, India, September 25, 2015: STK Accessories has launched “Apple Certified Q Touch Case & WI Wireless Technology Q Touch Pad. Priced at Rs 5,499/- and Rs 3,999/- respectively, the smart, wee portable & feathery light devices pushes the Wireless charging to the next level with its stylish and functional Power Case and Pad.

Commenting on the launch of STK Q Touch Case and Q Touch Pad, Puneet Gupta, Head India & SAARC, STK Accessories says, “STK launches the Q Touch Case and Q Touch Pad which is combination of simple, inexpensive wireless charging solution. The pad and the case together bring power to the user offering a smart solution to keep your devices charged at any environment you want. The case-pad duo is slim and lightweight with fairly minimalist design.”

Approved and Certified by Apple the Q Touch Case is exclusively available to iphone6, with its wireless Receiver Module Chip which supports both Qi and PMA wireless charging technology. Slim designed the Q Touch Case has two parts: the main which extends to just above the top of the iPhone screen, and a ‘cap’ that clips in to close the case. You slide the phone into the case, docking with the Lightning plug embedded in the bottom, than snap the top cap in place. With the simple magnetic interface and Output Power of 5.0V/1.0A ,  Trailing cables will be a thing of the past!

When you place any QI enabled device on the Q Touch Pad to charge there’s a loud beep and a blue light comes on to confirm that it’s charging. The Qi wireless transmitter is found on both top and bottom of the charger, one for charging your iPhone and the other to wirelessly recharge the charger. The rubber non-slip ring will ensure that your phone doesn’t go anywhere while it is wirelessly charging. With Input and Output of DC 5.0V, your wireless charger is all ready to support your handset batteries even when on the go.

With 2.5 hours of charging, Q Touch Case and Q Touch Pad guarantees plenty of talk time to last for days. If you want some extra juice on a trip, The STK’s Q Touch technology indeed offers a dependably wireless solution. The product shall be available at general trade, modern retail stores and ecommerce portals.

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