Prototype development on the fast track with new Freescale Kinetis EA Series from element14

element14-logoNew Delhi, India, September 6, 2014: element14, the global electronics distributor for design engineers, has announced the availability of the new Kinetis EA Series of microcontrollers and development tools from leading embedded solutions developer Freescale Semiconductor.

Integrating the ARM Cortex architecture and a revolutionary new development environment, the Kinetis EA series is designed to dramatically increase the speed and simplicity of the design process, enabling initial prototypes in as little as 24 hours and reducing research and development time by two weeks or more.

A development portal walks EA series users through a wide range of the most common processes for rapid prototyping and an integrated software and hardware package that also reduces cost. A suite of easy-to-use tools support fast prototyping for newcomers and veteran engineers alike. These support tools include reference designs (motor control, networking, LED lighting and two-wheel engine control for automotive applications), software packs for lighting and motor control, driver packages and low cost StarterTRAK boards.

The vast ARM third-party ecosystem of the EA Series also grants developers access to third party IP and resources that establish a common, shareable architecture across teams and cut down on time-to-market.

David Shen, Group Chief Technology Officer at Premier Farnell, said, “We are very excited to launch this revolutionary family of microcontrollers from Freescale, which offer robust EMI performance and extended, automotive-grade temperature range. Also, Freescale’s unique, comprehensive ecosystem of development tools for the Kinetis EA products will help engineers get their applications up and running in no time, affording them a competitive edge.”

Notable technical features of the Kinetis EA series MCUs include:

  • Pin-compatibility within the series for increased hardware and software reuse
  • 32-bit MCUs built on the ARM Cortex-M0+ core running at 48 MHz
  • AEC-Q100 grad1 certification meets requirements for harsh environments and extreme temperatures ranging from -40° to 125°C
  • Enhanced ESD/EMC performance
  • Scalable memory up to 128KB of Flash and package options up to 80LQPF (71 GPIO) for diverse application needs
  • Capable of driving high-current motors and components with a voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V, with 5V analog/sensor components that easily connect to system-level designs
  • Rapid prototyping tools enabling quality software development including IDEs, the Processor Expert software modeling tool, MQX RTOS and AUTOSAR
  • Reference software code made available at no cost: LIN/CAN driver, Flash initialization and motor control libraries

The Kinetis EA series is an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box solution that facilitates robust development across a wide range of applications in three simple steps: choose the hardware, install the software and go. The EA Series MCUs are available at for S$71.65.

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