Propalms launches “Windows XP Migration Campaign”

Propalms-logoNew Delhi, India, January 23, 2014: Propalms, a leading provider of server based computing technology based on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, VDI and Enterprise remote access solutions, has announced the launch of “Windows XP Migration Campaign”, to help the Windows XP customers to migrate their older end points easily. Propalms TSE and hosted shared desktop solutions will help organizations to easily migrate their existing Windows XP users to open source desktop or embedded thin client and also help them eliminate dependency from costly end points.

Microsoft announced ‘End of Life for Windows XP’ from 8th April 2014, which meant that Microsoft Windows XP support will be discontinued from then. Microsoft Windows XP operating system was a technology trend setter of the last decade cause of its’ UI and integrity with Active Directory. With the introduction of new cloud compatible Windows 8 OS, Microsoft has once again changed complete OS, kernel as well as user interface. Migration from Windows XP to Windows 8 is therefore not going to be as easy as just an OS upgrade. It demands upgrade of hardware, OS as well as end users (user training). This up gradation is quite expensive, with zero business value addition and forced one.

In order to address needs and concerns of the existing Windows XP customers, Propalms has announced a launch of “Windows XP Migration Campaign”. This is a technology awareness campaign launched for addressing the migration needs of the SMBs and SMEs who have been predominantly using Windows XP. Use of Windows XP is been also observed in Enterprise segment at the bottom of the employee ladder and at unmanaged remote locations.

Propalms has a range of solutions to offer viable and effective business environment to these organizations. Propalms’ flagship application delivery solution TSE 7.0 (Terminal Services Edition) and Shared Hosted Desktop solution offers a best technology approach to these organizations. Propalms solutions can centralize all user space applications and data; therefore eliminating application compatibility challenges (legacy applications as well as latest applications can work simultaneously). Using shared hosted module organizations can offer same old desktop look and fill to end users; this can ensure faster user acceptance and save cost and efforts on the user training and reduced productivity.

Director and CTO at Propalms Vijender Yadav said “We have observed that the use of Windows XP is still continuing to a greater extent in the Indian enterprise and SMB segments. Use of Windows XP is more visible in Tier I, Tier II cities, even after the Microsoft has declared End of Life for Windows XP. So we at Propalms have launched “Windows XP Migration Campaign”, to offer viable and effective business environment to help these existing Windows XP users to migrate their business applications easily and cost effectively. With our solution these organizations can now relax on end point front.”

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