Power Users Treated to the Extreme Performance Potential of GIGABYTE 9 Series motherboards

Marketing-Director-GIGABYTE-Motherboard-Business-Unit-Technical-Marketing-Department-Colin-BrixMumbai, India, July 29, 2014: GIGABYTE Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, invited select Power Users and PC Enthusiasts, to discover and experience the extreme performance potential of GIGABYTE 9 Series motherboards, based on the Intel Z97/H97 chipsets.

At the event named GIGABYTE Power Parade 2014 held in July in Mumbai, the invitees were treated to the exclusive technology features and performance possibilities of GIGABYTE 9 Series motherboards, by Colin Brix, Marketing Director, GIGABYTE Motherboard Business Unit, Technical Marketing Department.

Extreme Overclocking Session with GA-Z97X-SOC

A major attraction of the event, was an extreme overclocking session by the seasoned Indian overclocker, Shripad Kudtarkar, who used the GA-Z97X-SOC motherboard with an Intel Corei7 4770K processor, to display his overclocking skills. As the invitees cheered on, Shripad managed to achieve a SuperPI-1M benchmark score of 6.4 GHz!

GA-Z97X-SOC is one of the three Z97-based overclocking motherboards launched by GIGABYTE, the others being Z97X-SOC FORCE and GA-Z97X-SOC Force LN2.

Incidentally, very recently, two OC world records were accomplished using GA-Z97X-SOC Force LN2. While GIGABYTE’s resident OC evangelist, Hi.Cookie achieved a memory overclocking benchmark score of 4.56GHz during Computex 2014, the record was subsequently raised to 4.62GHz by another in-house overclocker, sofos1990.

GIGABYTE’s Z97-based OC motherboards come with a host of unique features that include:

  • OC Ignition that maintains power to the motherboard and connected components while the system is shut down
  • OC DIMM Switch that allows you manually turn on or off each channel of installed memory DIMMs without physically removing them
  • OC PCIe Switch that lets you manually turn on or off each installed PCIe lane of the motherboard, and disable individual graphics cards without physically removing them
  • OC Brace that allows extreme overclockers and system testers to safely install up to four graphics cards in an open case or test bed without risking PCIe slot damage
  • GIGABYTE OC Touch that includes a range of hardware OC buttons directly on the motherboard, making overclocking on the fly extremely fast and easy
  • OC PEG that adds auxiliary power to the PCIe slots of your motherboard, thereby improving system stability in extreme configurations
  • OC Connect that positions two USB connectors on the near side of the motherboard facing the overclocker, making it easier to save data, flash the BIOS or install software in open bench testing platforms. 

Demo on the GIGABYTE exclusive AMP-UP Audio Technology

At the meet, Faheem Maldar, a power user and sound specialist, gave an intuitive demo on the GIGABYTE exclusive AMP-UP Audio Technology, using the motherboard model, GA-Z97X-Gaming GT.

GA-Z97X-Gaming GT is a part of the GIGABYTE G1 Gaming motherboard series that are equipped with the AMP-UP Audio Technology, featuring the industry’s highest level of onboard audio features and technologies.

GIGABYTE G1 Gaming motherboards are equipped with the GIGABYTE exclusive AMP-UP Audio Technology, which provides the industry’s highest level of onboard audio features and technologies. With the 9 series, GIGABYTE has also introduced an upgradable, customizable OP-AMP wherein users can choose audio quality based on their individual listening preferences, supported by the wide availability of additional OP-AMPs. This helps in improving audio quality without installing costly speakers and high-end equipment.

At the end of the event, a lucky draw was held, in which one of the invitees, Sushant Patil, won the motherboard, GA- Z97X-Gaming 3, which falls under the GIGABYTE G1 Gaming motherboard series.


GIGABYTE products are distributed in India by Ingram Micro, Redington (India), Neoteric Infomatique Ltd. and WPG C&C Computers & Peripherals.

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