ZTE demonstrates compact GSM-R outdoor solution at UIC ERTMS Conference in Belgium

Brussels, Belgium, March 02, 2016: ZTE Corporation has announced that it has demonstrated its GSM-R outdoor macro Base Station (BS), ZXG10 B8900, and its “LTE for Railway” solution at the 12th UIC ERTMS (European Railway Traffic Management System) Conference in Brussels, Belgium. ZTE is the only provider offering the highly-reliable solution with multi-level and system-wide redundancy in the GSM-R field.

ZTE’s new-generation GSM-R outdoor macro BS, ZXG10 B8900 is based on advanced SDR technology. The ZXG10 B8900 integrates power supply and transmission functions, supports IP Abis and GPRS service and supports a seamless upgrade to LTE for Railway. In addition to meeting the requirements of railway radio communications, the ZXG10 B8900, like other ZTE GSM-R BS products, has the advantages of redundancy of the BS main control board and hot standby of the RF (radio frequency) module, further improving the reliability of the equipment and system and reducing the maintenance cost. In view of the difficulties in land acquisition in Europe, the ZTE GSM-R outdoor macro BS measures less than one cubic meter and therefore can be flexibly deployed along railways for easy maintenance and management. Due to the IP55 protection level, it can operate stably and reliably in a variety of harsh environments.

ZTE cooperated with Beijing Jiaotong University and mainstream signal manufacturers during the research and testing of the next-generation railway mobile communications system. They have jointly committed to providing more services and better experiences for the users of the next-generation railway system.

During the exhibition, ZTE launched and demonstrated the LTE for Railway solution. In view of the increasing demand for vehicle broadband data services, ZTE’s solution can provide users with greater bandwidth, richer services, and more intelligent operation and maintenance.

Having entered the rail transportation sector in 1999, ZTE has continually invested in this field. By the end of 2015, ZTE had won the bids for multiple projects in the GSM-R market in China covering a total distance of more than 5,600 km. The fourteen railway lines include the Liuzhou-Nanning dedicated passenger railway, the Nanning-Qinzhou railway, the Qinzhou-Fangcheng railway, and the Qinzhou-Beihai railway, and have operated for years, providing strong support for local economic development. ZTE has long focused on the railway communications market and made great efforts to bring successful project experience at home and abroad to more regions in the world. ZTE will continue to provide advanced communications solutions and products for European railway administrators and travelers.

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