Why Verizon is Part of the Open Data Platform Initiative?

Verizon-Enterprise-Solutions-LogoMumbai, India, February 18, 2015: Verizon Enterprise Solutions, today, joined Pivotal, GE, Hortonworks and a number of other enterprise technology companies to establish an industry association designed to promote open-source big data analytics technologies. The Open Data Platform Initiative will help build, test and support applications developed around the Apache Hadoop core with the goal of creating an ecosystem of enterprise-grade big data solutions that will accelerate adoption and drive market growth.

This initiative is part of our long history of supporting open source innovation and open standards and our commitment to developing an ecosystem of enterprise-ready, cloud-based technology services.

As a cloud and network operator, our technology foundation gives us a broad perspective of big data projects and workloads. We deal with large volumes of data nearly every minute of every day; both for ourselves as an operator, but also as a trusted provider to enterprise clients. We sit at the convergence of network, cloud and security.

This convergence and ability for cloud, network and security to work together seamlessly is becoming increasingly more important in a connected world that contains more devices producing more data. Data intensive workloads require elastic compute and storage, greater wireless and wired networking and new security models that scale with the data demands of more than a billion connected endpoints.

Cloud-based infrastructure provides scalable architecture to expand and contract to meet data volume needs. The network must operate in a similar way, bonded to the cloud and able to scale quickly to handle traffic from multiple global points. It’s imperative that we ensure that the next generation of data platforms balance shared hyper-scale performance with the inherent data privacy controls required by mission critical analytics.

We do this all the time at Verizon — it’s built into our operating philosophy. As part of the Open Data Platform Initiative, we’ll bring our holistic cloud approach to meeting these challenges and support solutions that mirror this strategy.

That said, we understand that big data is bigger than one provider. If the industry is truly committed to developing big data technologies and solutions for enterprise customers, it will require an ecosystem of providers — both large and small — to create a consistent framework around which everyone can develop. That is how markets mature and innovation is nurtured.

Verizon will play an active role in the Open Data Platform Initiative to help enterprises decide how to best manage their big data workloads and gain actionable insight from that data which rapidly helps them improve the customer experience, increase efficiency and manage corporate risk.

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