R&M successfully tests 100G Transmission with 850nm Laser Technology

R&M-logoBANGALORE, India and WETZIKON, Switzerland, May 22, 2014: Swiss cabling specialist R&M, a leader in quality structured cabling solutions, has randomly selected eleven MTP OM4 Trunk cables to do a link test over a distance of 675 meters. The test series was conducted to confirm the outstanding performance of components, assembling capabilities and internal test methods. The aim was to reach a bit error ratio (BER) that is better than 10-12, exceeding a period of 13 hours has been more  achieved and the outstanding quality of R&M’s high performance network connectivity solutions was more than confirmed. The measurements were conducted at R&M Laboratories in Wetzikon, Switzerland.

Background Information

IEEE addresses high speed Ethernet in number of ways. Depending on required distances, the speed foresees IEEE 802.3ba different transmission methods. The 100GBASE-SR10 substandard plays an important role for short range applications. It defines the transmission of 100Gbit/s over multi-mode fiber using cost effective 850 nm lasers. The serialized data gets delivered by ten lanes of multi-mode at a rate of 10Gbit/s per lane. Due to the limited IL budget with OM4 fibers the standard foresees a maximum reach with of 150m only.

Passed with excellent results

A series of MTP Trunks which are of different lengths ranging from 5 meters up to 160 meters were selected randomly. The different adapters and plugs were cleaned to form a link of 675 meter along with 10 MTP adapters in between.  100GBASE-SR10 CFP full-duplex transceiver modules that are commercially available were used to transmit Ethernet packets at 850 nm wavelength. For throughput simulation, frame sizes of 64-, 128-, 256-, 1024-, 1280-, 1518- and 9000 bytes were defined to analyze the theoretical versus the actual throughput. After 13hours, 23minutes and 38seconds the test was considered to be completed. They were no losses of single packet. For details see the original Xena Network RFC 2544 report.

Managing Director of R&M India Gaurav Ahluwalia said, “Parallel optics are been established in the data center infrastructure world during recent years. The usage of this technology leads to more challenges for engineers, planners and data center managers. Link lengths needs to be planned more carefully than ever before. Cabling systems should be selected taking loss budgets and link segments very detailed into consideration.”

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