Netrack launches Intelligent Racks Access Control for datacenters

Netrack-Intelligent-Racks-Access-ControlBangalore, India, May 27, 2014: Netrack, a leading solutions provider for data centers and end-to-end IT server racks, has announced that it has launched its Intelligent Racks Access Control for all datacenters. Rack access controller are designed and manufactured with highest quality standards to control, manage front and back door of rack or enclosures. The system is reliable, easy to install with minimum support and can be installed in new racks and retro-fitted on existing racks. The components are easily installed in 1U enclosure with external connectors for easy installation readers, locks and sensors.

Netrack’s Intelligent Racks Access Control has in-built capability for online firmware that makes upgradation easy, and addresses the data security issue by enabling downloading of data on software by mapping the IP address of the controller making it more secure.

Ravi Raj, Brand Head, Director Sales & Support at Netrack said, “We are excited for the datacenter managers as we launch Intelligent Racks Access Control. They are designed with quality standard and have ability of easy installation on any new racks. With the introduction of rack controllers, we have moved one step higher in the product segment.”


  • 1U rack mountable is reliable, robust and has scalable solutions providing value added customization support and industry specific value added feature.
  • Solutions give a complete configurable facility to control front and back door of server rack.
  • The pre-configured access rules are based on credentials and time having lock/unlock access point which is dependent on them.
  • Plug and play with inbuilt web server, makes the device very user friendly in terms of device settings and configuration requiring no software installation to configure the devices.
  • Onboard TCP/IP, the versatile interface makes the devices technically very strong and user friendly. It gives freedom to use the infrastructure either its existing or upcoming SNMP alerts: SNMP alerts are generated for events like unauthorized access, DOTL, door force open, etc.
  • Device has inbuilt capability for online firmware that makes upgradation easy.
  • Storage of 100,000transaction/events and 50,000 user/cards is possible.
  • Data Security: Data can be downloaded on the software by mapping the IP address of the controller making it more secure.
  • Multi card format supported: Compatible with all latest card technology, HID-iClass, HID PROX, Mifare, EM Prox.

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