MTS launches Embedded Sensors for high temperature industrial applications

New Delhi, India, May19, 2014: MTS Systems Corporation, a leading global supplier of high-performance test systems and position sensors, today announced a new sensor designed specifically for high temperature applications, including steam valves and steel mill machinery. The Temposonics G-Series Model GTE embedded magnetostrictive sensors is specified to operate at temperatures as high as 85 degrees centigrade and features a dual redundant output. This sensor also features an IECEx Zone 2 approval for use in hazardous areas.

MTS Sensors Technical Marketing Manager Matt Hankinson said, “We have been working with customers to explore and test the viability of embedded sensors in high-heat environments for some time now. Existing technologies, such as LVDTs, have worked in these applications, but can fail or require expensive maintenance. We have addressed those problems with the new Model GTE sensor. It provides a higher level of performance along with higher reliability to prevent costly downtime.”

This new sensor is designed into a cylinder or other housing, creating a natural barrier between the sensitive electronics and harmful environmental factors, such as heat or corrosive elements. Additionally, magnetostrictive sensors use an absolute measurement which eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

“Reliability is one of the biggest challenges our customers have with LVDTs and similar products,” Hankinson said. “Maintenance or manual calibration requires opening the cylinder or enclosure, which is both timely and expensive. Magnetostrictive sensors do not require calibration and have minimal moving parts. This significantly increases their reliability in even the harshest work environments.”

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