KPIT boosts Virtual Desktop performance with EMC’s All-Flash Technology

KPIT-LogoNew Delhi, India, January 28, 2015: KPIT Technologies, a global IT consulting and product engineering partner, has deployed EMC’s XtremIO all-flash scale- out enterprise storage array to deliver massive I/O (input/output) performance for its virtual desktops. By installing XtremeIO, KPIT can now provide 10 times the performance of its previous infrastructure on a small data center footprint, in turn improving the performance of the company’s applications. By reducing the response time for both office-based and mobile users, KPIT’s workforce has increased its flexibility and  overall productivity, resulting in a positive impact on customer service levels. The scale-out architecture of XtremIO would enable KPIT to double the number of virtual desktops in the next 12 months.

All-flash is the way forward

KPIT is the first enterprise in India to implement EMC’s Vblock architecture for its private cloud and rolled out 1,500 virtual desktops in 2010. EMC has enabled KPIT to further expand this number— with  XtremIO—which provides millions of IOPS from a very small footprint. KPIT’s virtual desktop environment will now run exclusively on XtremIO while the Vblock and EMC VSPEX will support mission-critical applications. EMC’s XtremeIO’s revolutionary internal architecture completely eliminates complex setup and tuning setup, while inherently delivering maximum performance. With the capability of getting the job done with less flash capacity, XtremeIO arrays are surprisingly cost effective  and, therefore, an ideal solution for server virtualization, Data Base and Analytics.

Improving Customer Satisfaction with an Enhanced User Experience

With KPIT’s end users expecting the same responsiveness from their desktops as they get from flash-based devices, the end-user resistance has been addressed through EMC’s all-flash storage technology implemented in the datacenter. XtremIO applications run on a flash disk, which provides thousands of IOPS to enable consistent, fast performance for applications using the virtual desktop infrastructure and thereby assisting KPIT to deliver improved customer service to exacting deadlines.

Improving the Utilization of Existing Resources

With savings in data center space being a top priority, the inline data deduplication and compression built into the EMC XtremIO™ enables KPIT to optimize its space more efficiently, while gaining greater usable capacity. XtremeIO™’s powerful array-based snapshot and cloning technology not only creates perfectly instantaneous and space efficient volume copies, but also allows limitless leverage. With XtremIO™, KPIT no longer needs to analyze the trade-offs of capacity, performance, and data center space.

EMC leads the global Flash market

EMC has established a leadership position in the Flash market globally, with analysts recognizing its All-Flash Array and Hybrid Flash as having the highest market share worldwide.

In its most recent study, IDC identified EMC as #1 in all-flash and hybrid flash array market share. EMC was the market share leader in several categories, including 1H2014 Worldwide Hybrid Flash Array Revenue by Vendor and the Raw SSD Capacity Shipments by Vendor category. EMC also led the all-flash market in the 1H2014 Worldwide All-Flash Array Revenue by Vendor categories.

Commenting on his flash experience, Mandar Marulkar, Vice President and CIO at KPIT Technologies, said, “When you write operations to either a local flash array or an external flash disk, there is degradation in the read/write performance. However, we are being able to run the full array seamlessly, without any noticeable change to our users. All-flash arrays like EMC XtremIO are now playing a major role in helping companies like ours, to run critical applications like Virtual desktops, databases where we need to load applications, development tools and utilities on the fly and presenting them in real time.” 

Abhijit Potnis, Director Technology Solutions-India and SAARC at EMC, On EMC XtremIO,  said, “EMC designed an all flash array architecture, XtremeIO, for building the next generation storage infrastructure. It can increase flexibility, and deliver on a completely different user experience. The products architecture enables a constant high performance level no matter what the work load which is really essential for business continuity.”

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