Foxconn developing energy-efficiency containerized data centers

Foxconn-logoBangalore, India, May 28, 2014: Foxconn, world’s leading manufacturer of computer components and system’s server and data center business group has been developing fourth-generation containerized data centers with PUE (power usage effectiveness) rising to 1.25-1.30.

Foxconn is trying to improve energy efficiency for its containerized data centers through the integrated use of renewable energy such as PV systems. Power Usage Effectiveness is a measure of energy efficiency specifically for data centers, expressed as a ratio of total amount of energy used by a data center to energy used by the data center’s IT equipment alone. The ideal PUE is 1. For reference, the PUE for Yahoo’s data center in Lockport, New York, stands at 1.08, Facebook’s data center in Prineville, Oregon, has a PUE of 1.07, and Google’s data centers have an average PUE of 1.16.


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