Savera Marketing launches HIS R9 280X Graphic Card Series in India

HIS-R9-280X-Graphic-Card-Series-in-IndiaNew Delhi, India, May 13, 2014: Savera Marketing Agency, one of the leading IT distributors in India, has launched HIS R9 280X graphic card series, equipped with turbo boost clock, cooling GPU iPowerIceQX2 in India. HIS R9 280X graphic card is powered with AMD 2ndgeneration GCN technology, the graphic card delivers optimized gaming performance automatically up to 2.5 times faster. It also offers 4.5 times computer performance and 95% lower GPU Idle Power Consumption. It enhances the stability in critical gaming condition. Turbo boost clock, iPowerIceQ X makes the card quieter than the reference cooler. The card is below 28dB when watching movies, surfing and working.

HIS brings the latest innovations that redefine the GPU by enabling both gamers and developers with unprecedented audio and performance enhancements for compatible games. With using this card, users can experience a 3 screen into a single LCD screen. Moreover, HIS also provides the professional customer service and technical supports to their valuable customer. HIS R9 280x protects PCB components from damage and dust and creates a beautiful modern design unlike any other graphics card in history. It also offers a substantial improvement over the previous generation. HIS R9 Series graphics cards continue to serve as a driving force behind the Unified Gaming Strategy.

HIS R9 280x, has Discrete Digital Multi-Point Audio that can simultaneously output multiple, independent audio streams. Audio seamlessly follows the video, providing affordable multi-display, multi-audio conferencing. The card is optimised to provide Ultra HD video which is four times more than the present HD and comes with 3072 MB memory. Company provides the 24×7 professional customer service and technical supports to their valuable customer.

Vice President at Savera Marketing Subir Mahapatra said, “We are proud to be associated with HIS as their exclusive distributor of graphic cards for India. HIS comes with the innovative graphic cards. With turbo boost clock and GPU cooling system, R9280X increases the performance levels. Through the beautiful design and superb feature with GCN Technology, it is a Value for Money product. We look forward to launch more and more products from HIS in coming months.”

Price, Warranty and Availability
HIS R9 280X Graphic Card comes with the MRP of Rs. 26000 and available ex-stock carrying 3 years of warranty.

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