ASUS unveils A88X-PRO Motherboard with FM2+ Socket

ASUS-A88X-PRO-Motherboard-with-FM2+-Socket-launchedNew Delhi, India, December 30, 2013: ASUS has unveiled A88X-PRO Motherboard with FM2+ Socket in India. A88X-PRO Motherboard is equipped with Dual Intelligent Processors 4 with 4-way Optimization. The 4-Way optimization further enables top performance by increasing efficiency, digital power and by providing system cooling. The Integrated Graphics Performance can also be boosted up to 30% with the help of GPU Boost feature. 5X- protection for the motherboard provides the best quality, reliability and durability. The new UEFI BIOS ensures full-scale performance tuning with intuitive BIOS Interface.

One click safeguards better performance, efficiency, digital power control, reduced noise, and improved cooling. It also has customized fan control for the perfect cool and quiet balance. All these features elevate the overall performance of the motherboard.

Exclusive GPU Boost is able to unlock any APU for overclocking integrated graphics. Even non-Black Edition APUs can be boosted – for an integrated graphics performance increase of up to 30%! Gaining this unique power is as simple as flipping an onboard switch or using ASUS AI Suite 3 utility. It easily delivers stable system-wide upgrades for every use. ASUS USB 3.0 Boost technology supports UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) in Windows 8. With USB 3.0 Boost technology, a USB device’s transmission speed is significantly increased up to 170%, adding to already fast USB 3.0 performance.

ASUS motherboards guard your PC with 5X Protection. ASUS uses quality components like DIGI+ VRM digital power design for precise APU power on demand, ESD units tested to strict standards that eliminate electrostatic interference, and resettable fuses around DRAM slots to prevent overcurrent and short-circuit damage. ASUS also use corrosion-resistant back I/O shields, all examples of ASUS providing the best possible reliability and durability.

Media-renowned UEFI BIOS from ASUS provides the smoothest mouse-controlled graphical BIOS, and now features more intuitive functions to quickly take you to favorite BIOS pages and frequently-accessed settings through custom shortcuts. The users can even write quick notes in-BIOS for future reference, view an activity log of setting changes and modifications, and rename SATA ports. EZ Mode has a whole new look, upgraded with extra-friendly capabilities like detailed fan controls, D.O.C.P profile settings, SATA information, and fast clock adjustment. Together, these perfect the BIOS experience.

This motherboard supports AMD A-series Accelerated Processor with AMD Radeon HD 7000/8000 Series Graphics. This revolutionary APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) combines processing power and advanced DirectX 11 graphics in one small, energy-efficient design to enable accelerated performance and an industry-leading visual experience. It features Dual-channel DDR3 memory support and accelerates data transfer rate up to 5GT/s. AMD A88X FCH (Bolton D4) is designed to support up to 5GT/s interface speed and PCI Express 2.0 graphics. It natively supports 8 x SATA 6Gb/s ports and 4 x USB 3.0 Ports.


ASUS A88X- PRO Motherboard is available in the market at Rs. 9850/- (excluding taxes).

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