Go Wireless with Portronics Ecollar

Portronics-Ecollar-bluetooth-headsetNew Delhi, India, January 30, 2014:  Adding to its wide range of products which promote consumer convenience, Portronics proudly presents the Ecollar, a high performance and stylish Bluetooth Headset which acts as a controller to your Smartphones / Tablets. But the Ecollar goes beyond being just a Bluetooth headset. It is a unique device that also acts as a converter; for you to make your car stereo or Ecoller Pic.jpgyour home stereo system, wireless.

With the laws becoming stricter towards use of handheld phones in cars, the Ecollar comes to your rescue. This hands-free mobile companion allows you a near perfect control of your Smartphone / Tablet, allowing you to safely use your phones’ functionality while driving.

The Ecollar is available in black with a very sleek and discrete design. It has a clip at its back that allows you to secure it to your clothing. Clip it, and you are on! The Ecollar gives you seamless control of music and calls on your phone, so you get to play your choice of music or take your calls while leaving your phone in your bag / pocket.

The Ecollar comes in a very compact and stylish crystal packing bundled with a set of in-ear headphones with rubber tips that give you a good fit and a micro USB charging cable. The ear phones are designed to be worn around your neck. The face of the device supports the buttons for volume and track control and a call button for receiving calls. The device alerts you when a call comes in; which can be received with the tap of one button on the device. Once the call is disconnected, you can go back to enjoying your music.

The Ecollar gives you impeccable digital sound quality, wireless streaming and noise isolation. The coolest feature of the Ecollar is that you can connect it to any set of speakers you like, provided they use a 3.5mm jack, to make them Bluetooth compatible. This means that your Home Stereo, Computer speakers or Car Stereo can be plugged-in to the Ecollar, through which you can then stream music on your mobile phone. It also allows you to control your playlist directly from your device from the comfort of your couch.


•             Bluetooth 3.0: Supports almost all Bluetooth enabled devices.

•             Quality: High quality digital stereo output.

•             Range: Operative range up to 10 meters.

•             Accessories: Earphones, Charging cable and user manual included.

•             Colour: Black.

Pricing and Availability:

The Ecollar is available in black colour at Rs 2199/-

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